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Gifts for the Girls

Everyone at your wedding is important but those standing next to you at the altar hold a special meaning. Aside from being closest, they’ve helped get you to your big day. Alongside saying how thankful you are for their time and assistance, a keepsake is a tangible reminder of their value.

Although it may seem like a task you can leave for the last minute, doing so may make it obvious by limiting your options. You don’t want to settle for something or worse, have your bridesmaids feel as if you did.

While you should stay within the same price range (whatever that may be), don’t give your bridesmaids the same present. Even though it’s easier, they don’t have the same interests or wants. Selecting gifts with special meanings lets them know you took time to show how valuable they are to you. Add a touching message to make them even more personal.

While each contributed to your shower, decision making and preparation, your maid of honor had the most responsibilities. Giving her a pricier or extra special gift is appropriate. Don’t be too extravagant though as that may make the others appear insignificant.

If the presents are ones to be incorporated in your wedding, it’s best to give them while getting ready so they aren’t accidentally left behind. Otherwise, doing so at the rehearsal is great. That way, the girls can take them home without worrying about keeping track of them during the festivities.

Sometimes it seems as if there’s another cost at every turn. With all the love and support your closest friends have given you, this should be an expense you are more than pleased to include in your budget.

I’d Like to Place an Order

When it comes to your bridal party, you may not give much thought to who stands where although there can easily be insinuations made by those you have chosen to include which can either be flattering or hurtful. It goes without saying that your matron of honor is traditionally your sister (if you have one) or best friend. That should not be offensive to anyone.

However, there are many ways to select an order for the remaining participants and the following are just a few ideas. While it can be potentially construed as hurtful, you can assign positions based on the nature of your relationship. It should not be lost on anyone you ask to stand next to you that they hold a special place in your heart and mean a great deal or else they wouldn’t be there.

One idea is that those who are closest to you (while each one is) stands nearest. That may be based on the number of years you have known them, the nature of your relationship or many other factors. Another option is to create an alignment in congruence with age.

It is completely appropriate to delegate who stands where based upon maturity. If you choose to do so, there will be no hard feelings as it would be difficult to find fault with any bride with that preference. If photos are one of the most important elements to you, a great way to appoint positions is height based in descending order so as to maximize the pleasance of each picture while keeping the focus on you and your husband.

The list goes on in reference as to how to determine who will stand where. It is yet another thing that brides don’t typically think requires any sort of consideration but, in actuality, does. Your decision is your own and is made because of your own personal reasons which are of the utmost importance.

S(tress) – O – S

Most brides come to know that wedding planning comes in two phases. There is the elation over the engagement and excitement about choosing a dress, location, decorations, etc.  Then comes the stress and frustration about choosing a dress, location, decorations, etc. What initially seemed fun and easy turns into something overwhelming and thought-consuming when you realize just how many decisions must be made and how many details (many very minute) need to be absolutely perfect. Because your wedding day is one of very few times in life where a do-over is not an option, you probably don’t want the things you look back on and remember from that day to be everything you wished you could have changed. However, as easy as it is to happen, you also don’t want to get so caught up in the planning that you are unable to enjoy your engagement nor do you want to make yourself and those around you miserable. After all, what matters most is the symbolism of your wedding and the promises you and your fiance make to one another – it is not whether you chose the wrong type of flowers or left someone off the guest list. Here are a few ideas for ways to keep your stress at a minimum (hopefully) and even add some fun to the whole process.

Understand that something will go wrong. Maybe the flowers you wanted are a shade off of what you anticipated and don’t perfectly match the image in your mind. Perhaps the weatherman missed the mark and warm and sunny is actually cold and windy. It is important to accept that, especially with an event involving hundreds of decisions and factors, it would be virtually impossible for every single thing to be or go exactly as planned. Instead of wearing yourself out by putting an overload of energy into every single detail, focus primarily on the ones that are most meaningful and important to you. For example, it is not necessary to make 15 trips to the napkin ring store to make sure the size and shade of your choice is just perfect or to yell and scream at the employees when it is not. After all, many of your choices are ones that only you will notice if they are not exactly as you had envisioned them to be.

Because brides want to have their hand in every aspect of their wedding, a great way to relieve some stress is by giving up some control and allowing others to make some of the decisions – notice the key word is “make” and not have input in reference to. Not only would this ease your burden, it would be fun, make the day even more special and potentially add an element of surprise. While this certainly does not mean allowing someone to choose your gown or create your guest list, imagine how you would feel walking into your venue and seeing the flowers your mom picked or hearing the song your dad chose for the first dance. Letting the people who are important to you choose some of the elements is a display of your love and trust for them, as well as their value to you. If you are really bold (and trusting), you could even let those decisions be unknown to you until your wedding day so that you are seeing them for the first time exactly when the guests do.

Show your bridesmaids what color scheme you have chosen, let them each select their own dress and cross another responsibility off your list. It can be stressful finding a style that flatters every figure and can be made to fit everyone just perfectly. Allowing your wedding party to pick their own gowns gives them a chance to showcase their individual personalities as well as to feel special and included. If you want to make it even more fun, have them keep their selections a secret until the ceremony. After all, the members of your wedding party are those who are closest to you and will make certain you are pleased with what they choose.

At first, giving up the decision-making probably seems either impossible or ridiculous. After all, it’s YOUR day and you have to make sure everything is exactly as you want it. Think, however, of how happy you are with your engagement ring and how perfect and meaningful it is to you. Perhaps if you had bought it for yourself, you would have chosen something different, but the thought and effort behind the selection coupled with it coming from someone so important to you makes it ideal. In addition, your wedding gown will be a secret from your future husband until you walk down the aisle. Maybe he envisioned you in a mermaid-style dress and you opted for a ball gown. When he sees you, undoubtedly, he won’t be able to imagine you wearing anything else though. Not only does relinquishing some control diminish the number of things you need to do, it enhances the meaning of your special day because of the care and consideration of those who mean the most to you.