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Minimal Assistants

It goes without saying that, as a bride, you likely have a plan (or at least a clear vision) in place regarding most of your wedding day details. Making your ideas come to life may be challenging for many reasons leaving you wishing for sole responsibility over every component. Unfortunately, that is an impossibility as outside help, whether from friends and family or hired professionals, is required. However, every decision including the amount of assistance you want or need and from whom it comes is yours to make.

Remember that the period leading up to your special day is not just exciting for you but for those close to you as well. Many will offer their time, advice and skills to ease your burden and lower your stress level. While usually successful, occasionally their good intentions lead to uncomfortable situations and hurt feelings.

One objective of your wedding is for your guests to enjoy themselves which includes being able to take in everything going on around them. If someone offers to provide their services on the day of for something other than what you want, kindly pointing out some of the special things they would miss is a great way to decline the offer while avoiding being offensive.

Unsolicited offers will not just come for your ceremony and reception but may arise throughout the planning process too. Fortunately, those are easier to handle. During this time, you can include the individual(s) in different yet equally meaningful ways making it seem as if you are not being dismissive. For example, if your mom is determined for you to wear her veil and your heart is set on a birdcage, invite her to help you choose just the right one and offer to sew a piece of the veil inside your gown or to use it as a wrap around your bouquet.

All intentions are good when those who love you offer a lending hand as difficult as that may periodically be to keep in mind. However, it is the one day that all attention is on you and your future husband. Therefore, while always doing so kindly and with consideration, you should not feel guilty for ensuring that what you envisioned is exactly what materializes.

First Aid Me

When you think of your wedding day, which you have most likely dreamt about since you were a child, chances are you were focused on the big picture and never considered the small details that go along with the planning process. Those quickly become apparent once you start preparing but you may overlook a number of things you need while getting ready on the day of to insure everything goes flawlessly. Some need not be mentioned and others are ones you may never think of.

Certainly, one of the most important things you need is spot remover as makeup, wine, soda or any multitude of other things can wind up on your dress and you surely don’t want to walk down the aisle with a stained/dirty gown. Despite how careful you are, chances are that something will end up somewhere that you don’t want it to be. Believe it or not, however, white chalk and baby powder are also great ways to cover up any accidents or mishaps.

It goes without saying that you should have a small sewing kit including buttons, straight and safety pins, thread, scissors and so on. Although your dress may fit flawlessly, between the excitement and anticipation of it all, something could easily happen causing something to rip, tear or come undone that needs to be addressed before you enter the ceremony venue.

Antacids and mouthwash are other things to have on hand that you may not think of.  Stomach medicine is a good idea just in case you get butterflies or start feeling a bit nervous as, despite how much you are looking forward to getting married, the anticipation and gravity of everything can get to you and you want to feel your best on your special day. Mouthwash and/or mints are good because when you kiss after your vows, obviously you want your breath to smell as clean as possible.

Whether or not your nails are polished, clear nail polish will come in handy. If they are, it can fix any chips that may occur during the preparation process. If not, as you probably know, it comes in very handy to stop any runs that may occur in your panty hose.

Don’t forget waterproof mascara and either a handkerchief or Kleenex. Even if you have a certain mascara that you love or have worn every days for years, it is imperative that, for your big day, you use some that isn’t going to smudge or run. The handkerchief and Kleenex go without saying as there may be some tears and you need something to wipe away the waterworks and perhaps even blow your nose with.

It goes without saying that, despite the months you spend planning for your wedding, inevitably, not everything will go perfectly but there are very small and seemingly inconsequential things that can make a huge difference in rectifying any accidents and taking care of those that do occur.