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Unite Me

Many couples getting married choose to personalize their wedding by incorporating a unity ceremony.   A unity candle is what one thinks of most but there are a number of other options that have the same meaning.  Customarily these are performed immediately following the exchange of vows and rings but occasionally they will take place earlier in the wedding. Soft music is often played during this time.

The sand ceremony is a modern and unique alternative to the unity candle. You and your groom pour a different color of sand into a clear container. Each color represents your past lives as individuals and the blending of the sand provides the visual representation of your coming together as one.  This is a perfect opportunity to include children and other family members if you choose to.  As each person pours a different colored sand into the vase, they are making a commitment to become one family.

The cross ceremony is beautiful way to celebrate the joining of two people. It is most often used in church weddings. The outer portion of a multi-pieced cross represents the groom and the inner portion, the bride. When put together, the pieces form a beautiful cross which represents your togetherness in marriage through God. Once the cross is assembled, it is placed on a stand on which your names and wedding date have been inscribed.

The love letter ceremony is one in which you and your finance write letters to one another before the wedding telling each other why you fell in love.  During the wedding ceremony, the letters are placed in a wooden box to be opened at a later date, usually on an anniversary.

Rose ceremonies are a lovely addition to any wedding and are another alternative to the unity candle. A single red rose has always meant “I love you.” Occurring before the final prayer and marriage pronouncement, you and your groom exchange two red roses which symbolize both your first gift to one another and your love for each other throughout your married life.

Although a unity ceremony is not necessary in order to symbolize the joining of two people, it is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any wedding.



When it comes to preparing for your wedding, what initially seems fun and easy can quickly become overwhelming and stressful with you realizing that you don’t even know where to begin. One place to do just that is by reading up on the current trends for points of inspiration, but keeping them as that…points of inspiration. You don’t want to look back and realize that you chose elements simply because they were “hip” thing at the time or that you omitted things that were important by going along with what was popular in the moment. However, by considering and being aware of what is new and in style, you have a great jumping off point for ways to show your personality and a solidification that you are no longer expected to follow the traditions of generations past.

Put it in print. In the past, weddings have been infamous for bridesmaids and groomsmen wear a single, matching color (many of which are standard and/or drab), but times are changing. Don’t be afraid to choose shirts, ties or dresses with prints, stripes or any other type of design, whether singularly or in combination. The possibilities are endless, fun and a great display of your personality (not to mention a pleasant surprise for your guests). While mint continues to be a very popular shade, your imagination is now the limit in reference to color options. If you choose not to use every color in the rainbow and stick to a single one, have some fun by making it bold and bright instead of keeping it muted.

LESS is more. The focus is on ceremonies in smaller venues with a fewer number of invitees in attendance. The focus is shifting from the prominence of the location and decorations to a more minimalistic approach that spotlights the bride and groom and the reasons for the ceremony. It is easy for guests to get caught up in the flowers, the number of bridesmaids or trying to figure out who everyone is and how they know the couple. Then, the ceremony has ended and the meaning behind it has been lost. If you want to have the ambiance of a small and intimate ceremony but are having difficulty whittling down the guest list, utilize the option of streaming your ceremony online. That way, those who are closest and most important are physically present while distant friends and relatives can share your day with you in a different way.

Go back in time. What was once old is new again. There is an emergence of vintage elements which can either create a feeling from the past or can be incorporated and used in a modern and fresh way. Wear a lace gown in a modern silhouette with a strand of pearls or a dress that is a shade of ivory in place of stark white. Don’t shy away from the notion of a gown with a higher neckline or sleeves. Both can be done in beautiful fabrics that are not opaque or stifling but instead add a touch of elegance that is fresh and unique. Keep in mind that there is a world of difference between vintage and retro and that vintage does not mean used or “pre-owned.”

The most popular trend, by far, is to have fun and do things your way. If you imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a canary colored dress, wear a canary colored dress. If your best friend is a male, let him stand up as your man of honor instead of choosing someone you’re not as close to simply because they’re female. Don’t walk down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride” if there’s another song you prefer. After all, your wedding day is just that, YOUR day. Let your personality shine and give your guests a sense of you who you are. After all, it is important that you can look back on your wedding day without regrets and knowing that you celebrated in a way that was absolutely perfect for you.

Imagination on a Budget

Churches are a place of peace and calmness and make a perfect location for a wedding. When it comes time to consider decorations for your wedding, careful detailing and selection of appropriate decorations is essential. You can create a glamorous ambiance and something unique for your ceremony and save money at the same time. There is no need to make it look terribly extravagant, as the whole point of having it at the church is really to embrace the religious aspect – this makes decorating it that much easier.

Here are some unique and different ideas that don’t cost a lot and will set your ceremony apart from others you may have attended.

The first idea incorporates the invitations and a little forethought. Send your guests paper leaves inside their invitations with their names printed on them. Then, purchase a small tree with only branches so that when your guests arrive, they can place their leaves on the branches of the tree. That way, you will not only have a beautiful decoration but the decoration will act as a guest registry as well.

Make sure to focus a lot of your decorations on the front part of the church. This will allow you guests to experience your décor while they watch you and your partner marry.

Use potted plants instead of fresh flowers. After the ceremony is over, you can give them to your wedding party or to your or your husband’s parents so that they can be replanted as a reminder of the day. The plants will grow as your relationship continues to do the same.

Use LED candles in lieu of regular candles. Many venues don’t allow customary candles so LEDs are a perfect solution. Not only are they less expensive than normal candles but they can be used again and don’t make a mess. The atmosphere they create is unique and intimate.

Typically, families sit in the first few rows during the ceremony. There are a number of ways you can decorate these pews that will add to the beauty of your overall theme. Pew bows are the most traditional decoration. They can be made with tulle or ribbon accented with flowers to compliment your wedding theme. Other ideas are floral swags, wreaths and floral balls. A more unique idea is to find paper lanterns that match your color scheme to decorate the pews. You can attach them with ribbon and even put LED lights inside of them to make them look even more beautiful.

Set up a small table near the entrance. Cover it with a table cloth that compliments your color scheme. Set up a photo of you and your finance.  Set out the guest book and some fancy pens for guests to use. Also put a small flower arrangement together and place it in a vase and set it on the opposite side of the photo so the table is balanced.

Beautiful church decorations help create a more celebratory and refreshing atmosphere to make your special day truly memorable. Use of any of the ideas mentioned will give you a gorgeously decorated church for your wedding.

Say Yes to the Dress?

The dress you wear on your wedding day is the most important dress you will ever put on. It will not only be something that makes you feel beautiful and a gown that everyone will be looking at, but it symbolizes a new beginning and the start of a different and exciting life. Here are some hints for picking out the perfect dress that is just right for you.

Just because it is more expensive doesn’t mean that it is more beautiful. Keep in mind that, while it is very important and a very special moment, it is a dress that will only be worn once and only for a few hours at that. No one knows how much your dress costs and if you can get an amazing gown for a great price, there’s no reason not to.

Think about your figure and what shape accentuates it the most. Most girls grow up dreaming of a ball gown and looking like Cinderella but that might not be the best look for you. It is important to choose a shape and dress that you will be able to look back at pictures of and not regret. Highlight your best assets and pick something that makes you feel beautiful but don’t have your mind set on something just because it is what you pictured growing up or because it is what is in style now.

Take the advice from the people who mean the most and who go shopping with you but recognize that they will not be the person wearing the dress, so ultimately, your opinion is most important. What makes you feel the most special and what touches you the most is the gown you should be wearing.

Consider the venue because some dresses aren’t appropriate for the location. For example, a ball gown is not really fitting for the beach where people will wear flip flops to the ceremony. Whether the location fits the gown or the gown fits the location is not important. The thing that matters is that they should go well together and match one another.

The Perfect Fit

Buying a wedding dress is one of the most important purchases a woman will ever make. Growing up, every little girl dreams of what her dress will look like and, for most of us, it seems like it we will find the ideal dress and it will be a very easy decision. In actuality, shopping for the right gown requires a great deal of time, effort and consideration of a variety of factors.

There are countless styles and options for wedding dresses because no two women have the same taste or same body type. It is important to remember that, even though your heart may be set on a mermaid-style gown, it might not be the most flattering for your figure and you may end up absolutely falling in love with a ball gown. Perhaps you have always dreamed of wearing a strapless dress, but the perfect gown for you has cap sleeves. Keep your mind open and try things that may seem outside of your comfort zone. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Another thing to take into consideration when purchasing your wedding dress is your venue. The dress should match the location and the location should match the dress. If you find a dress with a huge, full skirt and can’t imagine wearing anything else, that’s wonderful but it’s probably not appropriate to then get married on the beach. Whether you choose the venue or the dress first is not important. What matters is that they go well together and that one does not take away from the other.

Always remember to factor in your personality and choose a gown that is reflective of who you are. Often, brides take several people with them when they go shopping for wedding dresses and it can be easy to get swayed by others opinions. Your opinion is the most important though because it is your special day. If you are a t-shirt and jeans type of girl who never dresses up, you might not want a dress with a lot of beading or embellishment. It’s important to get a dress that makes you feel beautiful but still makes you feel like yourself.

Guest Who


Guest books are great keepsakes to remind you of your wedding and give the people who come to your special day a chance to say a few words to you, whether memories about the two of you or words of wisdom or advice. They don’t have to be boring or typical though and can easily be another opportunity to showcase your personality and be turned into something that you won’t just stow away in a closet and quickly forget about.

Mail your guests pages with their invitations. That way, they can take their time to write something meaningful and unique and bring it with them to the ceremony. Once all of them have been gathered, you can compile them into a very special book.

Have someone stand at the entrance with an instant Polaroid camera and snap photos of everyone as they come inside. Then, your guests can each write something on their picture. Your guest book becomes a photo album with sentiments from everyone who is most important to you.

Provide squares of fabric for everyone to write on or sign with a fabric pen. Whether all one shade or mismatched prints, you can sew them together and have a one-of-a-kind quilt to either snuggle up with or hang on the wall as a reminder of how much you and your husband mean to those in your lives.

Get a Rolodex, whether a traditional one, or one filled with uniquely colored paper, and let each guest write their messages on the appropriate address card. Each time you go to contact them, you can read their individual message to you and it will surely bring a smile to your face.

Use a coffee table book or a book that has sentimental meaning to you and have your guests write on the pages of it. Then, when you flip through it, you can see the notes and it’s a great conversation piece.

Be My Guest

The first step in getting anyone to come to your wedding is to invite them, of course, and most people do so with fancy invitations using decorative fonts. A lot of people don’t realize that invitations are a great way to not only show off some of your personality, but also to let your guests have a little bit of fun.

Turn your invitation into a puzzle, whether a jigsaw puzzle that has to be put together, a brainteaser or a crossword that has to be solved. Not only will your invitees enjoy the challenge of figuring it out, it will be a great way for them to mentally save the date!

Take a video of you and your fiance inviting everyone to the wedding and send it out either on DVD or, for a more modern twist, email it to your guests. You can’t get much more personal than that. It is important to include a small card with the written information regarding the date and time so your guests don’t have to replay the video.  If you choose not to make a video, including a photograph in the invitation is a great alternative.

Have a drawing made based on a picture of the two of you. It is a whimsical way to showcase your fun side and will surely put a smile on everyone’s face when they open the envelope.

Write a poem incorporating both fun information regarding your relationship and the pertinent details about your wedding date. After all, not everyone you are going to invite has had the opportunity to share in the special moments with you so it would be a great chance to let everyone in on some of the things they missed.

While weddings are steeped in tradition, there are countless ways to step outside of the box, add personal touches and make the day uniquely your own. Sending out one-of-a-kind invitations is something you can do well in advance to get your guests excited about the day and peak their interest for what is to come.

The One

Every girl dreams of her wedding dress and how it will look, what shape it will be and, thankfully, there are countless options to choose from. A lot of women worry about what their fiance will think of her dress, but the important thing to remember is that as long as you feel beautiful (after all, it’s the most special dress you will ever wear), your elegance will radiate and be contagious.

Be open-minded. Even though you might have one particular style or dress in mind, realize that you might fall in love with something completely unexpected. Try on things that might seem out of your comfort zone or that you think might not look good on you. You may just be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Take people who you trust to try on gowns (but limit the number). Getting opinions for your wedding dress is definitely a good thing but, in the end, the decision is yours. If you take too many people, it is easy to get overwhelmed because everyone has their own idea of what is best.

Don’t second guess yourself. If you find a dress that you love, stop looking. A wedding dress is like your fiance in the sense that when you know it’s the one, you don’t need to continue the search.

Even though it is the most important dress you will ever wear, no one will know how much you paid for it and you can easily get an amazing dress on a budget. It doesn’t have to cost a million dollars to feel like a million dollars!

Plan ahead. A wedding gown is not like any other purchase where you walk into the store and walk out with your dress. Alterations will have to be made and those take time.