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Some Rules Were Meant to be Broken

Weddings are often planned around age old traditions, some of which you may feel comfortable making slight variations to but don’t want to appear as if you are either stepping too far outside the box or not taking your commitment seriously. Thankfully, times are changing and, after all, it is YOUR day so here are some ideas you may not have considered….

You don’t need a theme and not everything has to match. It would not only be unique but an honor to let your bridal party choose their own gowns. One may be pink, long and satin while another could be short, causal and floral. There’s an element of fun in letting those closest to you show their individual personality (not to mention that it makes for great photos).

Customarily, your parents pay for the wedding and your fiancé’s do so for the rehearsal dinner although the two of you may be on your own. One way to save money and set yourself apart, regardless of who is contributing, is to have your bridesmaids wear corsages. Opting out of bouquets not only significantly reduces your budget but makes it easier for them to help you both in preparation for but as well your ceremony.

Maybe white isn’t right whether it comes to your ring or your dress. If there is a stone you love and would prefer over a diamond, select it as you will be wearing it for countless years to come. What matters is the meaning behind it to you. Additionally, in reference to your dress, a selection of white paired with another color is one option or, if you have your heart set on red, blue pink etc., any gown can still be made to look as elegant and special despite not being white.

Weddings are celebrations and meant to be fun. Not only should you show off your individuality/personality but allow everyone else to do the same.

Unite Me

Many couples getting married choose to personalize their wedding by incorporating a unity ceremony.   A unity candle is what one thinks of most but there are a number of other options that have the same meaning.  Customarily these are performed immediately following the exchange of vows and rings but occasionally they will take place earlier in the wedding. Soft music is often played during this time.

The sand ceremony is a modern and unique alternative to the unity candle. You and your groom pour a different color of sand into a clear container. Each color represents your past lives as individuals and the blending of the sand provides the visual representation of your coming together as one.  This is a perfect opportunity to include children and other family members if you choose to.  As each person pours a different colored sand into the vase, they are making a commitment to become one family.

The cross ceremony is beautiful way to celebrate the joining of two people. It is most often used in church weddings. The outer portion of a multi-pieced cross represents the groom and the inner portion, the bride. When put together, the pieces form a beautiful cross which represents your togetherness in marriage through God. Once the cross is assembled, it is placed on a stand on which your names and wedding date have been inscribed.

The love letter ceremony is one in which you and your finance write letters to one another before the wedding telling each other why you fell in love.  During the wedding ceremony, the letters are placed in a wooden box to be opened at a later date, usually on an anniversary.

Rose ceremonies are a lovely addition to any wedding and are another alternative to the unity candle. A single red rose has always meant “I love you.” Occurring before the final prayer and marriage pronouncement, you and your groom exchange two red roses which symbolize both your first gift to one another and your love for each other throughout your married life.

Although a unity ceremony is not necessary in order to symbolize the joining of two people, it is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any wedding.



Weddings often are based on coordinating elements to create a seemingly flawless occasion. However, your venue doesn’t dictate your dress style, your guest list doesn’t mandate the size of your location and individuality creates a more memorable experience. Your ceremony appearance is likely the most important of your life, is an intimate choice and should represent your personality.

Vintage gowns, for example, are not only beautiful and distinctive but can be fitting for any location. Often the word is associated with used or old but, in actuality, is more representative of a style in terms of fabric and design. Neither usage is negative and both have qualities that are special and relevant.

If you choose one of the most common associations with the word, you could reconfigure a dress worn by a relative (typically your mom) in a modern way creating a special and treasured meaning while being easy on the budget and combining parts of the two of you.

Another option, while a tad bit pricier and requiring more thought is one from another era that has been preserved and can be found at a specialized store. If you go down this road, it’s imperative to keep in mind that sizes are different, stains that have been present for countless years are probably not removable and alterations to modernize them can be quite difficult as the fabric may not stand the test of time.

Gorgeous vintage gowns exist that don’t cost ridiculous amounts of money but are new and uniquely yours. Whether made of lace/fabrics that aren’t satin, long-sleeved, have high necklines, aren’t stark white or what is typically seen these days, not only are elegant but impressive. If you choose an original one but want to add a smidgen of embellishment, a colorful ribbon or crystal belt is a fabulous way to do so.

Nothing is set in stone and surely not when involving the time you should feel most beautiful. Whether you select something modern, evocative of the past or a combination of the two, what makes you feel gorgeous and expresses who you are is what matters the most.

Weddings 101…Part 1


Making decisions in reference to your wedding day can certainly make you want to pull your hair out and can easily make you sometimes just want to give up. It is natural to become obsessive about absolutely everything because a wedding is an occasion that only happens once in your life. However, as has often been said, imperfection is perfection and that is what makes every person and every situation beautiful and wonderful in its own right.

Throw caution to the wind. The only perfect way to commemorate your wedding day is the way that feels right to you. It is not the way that traditions dictate, in accordance with other’s opinions or in an attempt to make sure everyone agrees with your decisions. Be honest and true to yourselves and go with your instincts. After all, if you want to wear a yellow dress but choose not to in fear that others may not like it, for example, you will likely look back and wish that you had. You select things for a reason, and while you may offer up explanations, you should never have to seek acceptance for those decisions.

It is important that your wedding day is a representation of the two of you as a couple. In order for that to happen, both of you have to want and be willing to take part in the planning process. Of course, there are things such as your dress selection that will be individual decisions but, for the most part, it should be a team effort. As many times as you might want to hear “You make the decisions and I’ll just show up,” in reality, that is not a good sign. If you and a co-worker were planning for a meeting or presentation, that would never be an appropriate response. Your wedding day is a symbol of the beginning of your lives together and a lack of interest can be indicative of things to come.

Keep an open mind. If your entire focus is on one vision and you are unwilling to accept anything else, you will always look back at your wedding as a disappointment. Every little detail will not be flawless. You  may have forgotten to invite someone. Maybe you wish you had chosen a different hairstyle. The beauty is in those things that were unplanned, unexpected and other than what fit in to the perfect picture. If you get too caught up in everything being just as you envision it, you will lose the enjoyment of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After all, your engagement period and wedding day are times for celebration and not obsession.

Be yourself. If you feel the tears coming, let them fall. If you’re on the verge of giggling when things are supposed to be “serious,” laugh. Your wedding is a representation of who you are, individually and together. It is a series of moments with those who are important to you that you have chosen to share. Make them honest and true. Don’t filter yourself. The reason you are so important to those at your ceremony is because you are who you are and not because you are pretending to be someone else.