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Guest Dressed

Your primary focus is on your dress, what your fiancé is going to wear and the clothing for the wedding party. However, there are things to consider regarding your guests as it is YOUR day and some things aren’t appropriate.

White: Wearing white (or even a shade of it) should not be done which goes without saying. Unless you have a black and white theme or specifically request certain people to wear it, doing so is unacceptable.

Black: No one wants a color associated with funerals and grief. If someone feels more comfortable wearing a darker hue, a shade of blue or dark green is fitting. After all, it’s a celebration and colors should be cheery and upbeat.

Sparkles: Guests might want to add a little accent to their outfit but going overboard is disrespectful. That should be saved for their own wedding day as lighting and photography will catch the glimmer and outshine you even if not intended.

The best way to avoid any mishaps is to include a dress code on your invitations. Even if you say semi-casual, your guests should dress up rather than down. To avoid any confusion, include an option where you can be contacted with questions.

Never(tr)ending Ideas

Every year (and often each season), new and creative styles and ideas for your wedding day emerge as the notion of what is acceptable or expected continues to evolve. These allow every bride, from the most conservative to the extraordinarily eclectic, have some fresh ideas in their stockpile from which to choose.

Sometimes two is better than one (pieces that is). More and more brides are opting for gowns consisting of a top and separate skirt. Doing so opens up the door to infinite options by letting you mix and match fabrics, styles and even colors. Additionally, you will have fun designing your own dress and know that it will truly be one of a kind.

Having a friend or loved one perform your ceremony is also growing in popularity although it requires research as well as time and effort. The person you select must be willing to go through the necessary steps to become ordained and the laws regarding officiants vary depending on location. On the upside, doing so gives you the chance to work together on the ceremony script, making it highly personalized.

Flowers, whether for bouquets, boutonnieres or table decorations, are being taken over by berry-accented greenery, moss, ivy and succulents. Doing so can be pulled off in a very elegant, unexpected and surprising (not to mention cost-effective) manner.

It was typically expected that your wedding would be filled with bright and cheerful colors as a symbol of your marriage. As options expand, there is an increase in those who opt for neutrals, whether all white, ecru, tan or similar shades with very few accents. Surprisingly, rather than appearing drab, such tones radiate while creating a sense of elegance.

You can step outside the box and experiment with what is new and modern without doing so in ways that will make you look back at your wedding photos and wonder what you were thinking. Do not be afraid of the word “trend” as it don’t not have to be synonymous with blatant or over the top.

Let’s Break the Rules

Certain things in life have rules and expectations that must be adhered to but others that, while are assumed, definitely are not required to be followed. There are long-standing wedding customs with important meanings behind them and some that were simply started and have been incorporated as time has gone on. It is a personal decision whether or not you choose to integrate any or all into your ceremony and here are just a few of them….

The Seating Chart: It’s not necessary to assign a place for every guest to sit at your venue and is perfectly acceptable to allow each to select their own upon arrival. No one needs to sit on one side or the other based on which part of the family they are associated with. The same goes for your reception space as, not only does not worrying about it ease your stress level and save you preparation time, it allows people to meet, mingle and interact with others they may not know.

The Rehearsal Dinner: While your rehearsal isn’t a tradition you should skip so as to ensure your wedding runs smoothly, the subsequent dinner is one you can. Any way to save money is a positive thing and two fancy dinners in a row are not necessary so long as that is clarified early on. One option is to invite those in your wedding party to eat while specifying you are not hosting (hence not funding) it. Another is gathering after your practice to simply give thank you notes or small tokens of appreciation.

The First Dance: Every wedding you’ve been to probably included a first dance with the couple, whether rehearsed or simply to a chosen song but that is not necessary either. After all, your guests have already witnessed the special commitment between your husband and yourself during your ceremony. Therefore, why not skip everyone watch you share more intimate time together before the festivities begin and let the first dance be one for everyone?

The Dress: The term “blushing bride” has a new meaning in the sense that it’s no longer necessary for you to wear a stark white dress. Shades of ivory, pale pink or beige are unique without being over the top and completely acceptable. If you want to go bolder, it’s perfectly fine as well. The tradition of wearing white began with Queen Victoria so it goes without saying that it’s one that can be discarded in this day and age.

It is your day, after all, and you should have it your way. Not only breaking these traditions but any of many others will make it special and memorable for yourself and your guests but likely inspire and open the minds of any friends who get married in the future.



The majority of what will be remembered from your wedding day are captured in memories and photos. However, with all of the time, effort and energy you put in to choosing your dress, it is important to preserve it as well, whether it would just be a fun thing to look at occasionally as a reminder or if you plan to pass it on to your child or someone else. There are many ways to go about doing so but, unless you just want to put it in a bag (which is not recommended), it can be a very complicated and pricy process.

Dresses often end up with marks and stains on them simply from wearing them throughout the day, whether from spills, dirt, sweat or anything else. If your budget is spent, it is safe to keep your gown in a bag for a short period of time but it is not advisable to do so forever as if you do so for too long, the stains and dirt will set in and possibly become impossible to remove.

While you may have a wonderful dry cleaner that you have used for years, their services in this regard may not be sufficient. It is important to inquire as to how many gowns they have handled/preserved as it may be a situation they’ve never handled and are not familiar with. You need to ask which cleaners they use to remove anything soiled as some are too abrasive and will just cause more damage. As well, you need to ask them how they deal with each gown as one that it simple needs different attention than one with lace beading etc.

Be patient as, due to it being so important, it may take weeks to be returned to you. However, upon receipt, it should be inside of an acid-free container so it hasn’t yellowed or incurred additional damage during transport. When it is home, don’t let it remain in the packaging, keep it out of closed areas or anywhere that moisture or heat is prevalent.

Although it may be an unexpected cost or something you failed to consider, your wedding dress will be one of the few tangible things you can look back on and will bring back countless wonderful memories. It is also the most important garment you will probably ever wear so taking time to do some research finding someone with whom you can trust is well worth the effort.

The Perfect Fit

Buying a wedding dress is one of the most important purchases a woman will ever make. Growing up, every little girl dreams of what her dress will look like and, for most of us, it seems like it we will find the ideal dress and it will be a very easy decision. In actuality, shopping for the right gown requires a great deal of time, effort and consideration of a variety of factors.

There are countless styles and options for wedding dresses because no two women have the same taste or same body type. It is important to remember that, even though your heart may be set on a mermaid-style gown, it might not be the most flattering for your figure and you may end up absolutely falling in love with a ball gown. Perhaps you have always dreamed of wearing a strapless dress, but the perfect gown for you has cap sleeves. Keep your mind open and try things that may seem outside of your comfort zone. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Another thing to take into consideration when purchasing your wedding dress is your venue. The dress should match the location and the location should match the dress. If you find a dress with a huge, full skirt and can’t imagine wearing anything else, that’s wonderful but it’s probably not appropriate to then get married on the beach. Whether you choose the venue or the dress first is not important. What matters is that they go well together and that one does not take away from the other.

Always remember to factor in your personality and choose a gown that is reflective of who you are. Often, brides take several people with them when they go shopping for wedding dresses and it can be easy to get swayed by others opinions. Your opinion is the most important though because it is your special day. If you are a t-shirt and jeans type of girl who never dresses up, you might not want a dress with a lot of beading or embellishment. It’s important to get a dress that makes you feel beautiful but still makes you feel like yourself.

To Give and to Get

You will (or already have) put a great deal of time and thought into the dress that you will wear when you walk down the aisle and it will mean an incredible amount to you. In reality though, it is a dress that, at the end of the day, will be stowed away in your closet for the rest of eternity. What a wonderful gift it would be to give something that means so much to you to make someone else’s dream come true. There are countless women who are facing such bigger battles that, although they are happily engaged and planning to get married, paying for the dress of their dreams is not an option for them.

At Donation Town, you can contribute your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, accessories, shoes or almost anything else you can think of for a number of good causes including women with special needs and women who are working hard to make ends meet.

Brides Against Breast Cancer is another great organization that takes donations of wedding gowns from designers, bridal shops and individuals to bring happiness to women who are suffering from terminal breast cancer.

If you want to hang on to your dress, you can still donate other items. Consider taking the flowers from your ceremony to a local nursing home or hospital to brighten someone’s day. If you are rushing off to your honeymoon, it’s likely that someone would be happy to do it on your behalf.

Touching someone’s heart will touch yours as well and putting a smile on a stranger’s face will make you smile in return too.