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Never(tr)ending Ideas

Every year (and often each season), new and creative styles and ideas for your wedding day emerge as the notion of what is acceptable or expected continues to evolve. These allow every bride, from the most conservative to the extraordinarily eclectic, have some fresh ideas in their stockpile from which to choose.

Sometimes two is better than one (pieces that is). More and more brides are opting for gowns consisting of a top and separate skirt. Doing so opens up the door to infinite options by letting you mix and match fabrics, styles and even colors. Additionally, you will have fun designing your own dress and know that it will truly be one of a kind.

Having a friend or loved one perform your ceremony is also growing in popularity although it requires research as well as time and effort. The person you select must be willing to go through the necessary steps to become ordained and the laws regarding officiants vary depending on location. On the upside, doing so gives you the chance to work together on the ceremony script, making it highly personalized.

Flowers, whether for bouquets, boutonnieres or table decorations, are being taken over by berry-accented greenery, moss, ivy and succulents. Doing so can be pulled off in a very elegant, unexpected and surprising (not to mention cost-effective) manner.

It was typically expected that your wedding would be filled with bright and cheerful colors as a symbol of your marriage. As options expand, there is an increase in those who opt for neutrals, whether all white, ecru, tan or similar shades with very few accents. Surprisingly, rather than appearing drab, such tones radiate while creating a sense of elegance.

You can step outside the box and experiment with what is new and modern without doing so in ways that will make you look back at your wedding photos and wonder what you were thinking. Do not be afraid of the word “trend” as it don’t not have to be synonymous with blatant or over the top.

Idea(lly), This Would be Easy

Every wedding should be personal and individualized and should never be based solely on what is popular in the moment surrounding the time you have set your date for. However, sometimes, looking at trends will give you a place to start the overwhelming process of your journey and help you to figure out what you do and don’t like. Many brides go shopping for dresses, decorations, locations, flowers etc. without having a clue as to what they are interested in which just magnifies and multiplies an already difficult and time-consuming process. Certainly, you should never choose anything because it is trendy or what other brides will be doing but here are some things (just for ideas) that are popular for 2014.

Colors that have not necessarily been popular or even often considered are ones you should give some thought to. For example, gray, which is something that most people consider to be drab and boring, can be done in a beautiful and elegant way, especially in combination with another color. Shades of neutral colors are also something new and innovative and can easily be accented by muted greens, browns, blues etc. While jewel tones have always been popular, another thought is navy as it is a richer and darker tone that may be effortlessly brightened by yellow, another shade of blue or even white.

Many times, brides feel as if the more skin they show, the more beautiful they will look but that is not necessarily always the case. Often times, subtlety is more stunning and attractive and can easily be done without feeling as if you are completely covered up. Cap sleeves will be popular and can be done in transparent, jeweled ways so it is a combination of showing skin and covering up at the same time. The same effect can be achieved with long sleeves or even a high neckline. Also, as the saying goes, “Everything old is new again” and vintage is making a comeback. Dresses with lace, beading and differing shades of white give an old feel in a new and beautiful way.

As for your wedding party, different is the new matching. Consider putting each girl in a different color and/or style of dress as that multiplies both the fun and individuality factors. Short dresses are in style too, as it isn’t and never has been required that your bridesmaids wear floor-length gowns. Dresses with one shoulder, a bow or a small amount of embellishment are popular as they make the gown feel more glamorous and special than something plain.

Wedding planning should be fun and making all of the necessary decisions should express your personality and creativity rather than being details that bog you down and cause you stress. With every passing year, ceremonies become more fun and inventive and less expected to be traditional and follow the guidelines of past generations. Take advantage of that and enjoy doing what it is that feels right for you. Ideas and trends are only meant to give you a starting point and certainly not to dictate how your wedding should be.


When it comes to preparing for your wedding, what initially seems fun and easy can quickly become overwhelming and stressful with you realizing that you don’t even know where to begin. One place to do just that is by reading up on the current trends for points of inspiration, but keeping them as that…points of inspiration. You don’t want to look back and realize that you chose elements simply because they were “hip” thing at the time or that you omitted things that were important by going along with what was popular in the moment. However, by considering and being aware of what is new and in style, you have a great jumping off point for ways to show your personality and a solidification that you are no longer expected to follow the traditions of generations past.

Put it in print. In the past, weddings have been infamous for bridesmaids and groomsmen wear a single, matching color (many of which are standard and/or drab), but times are changing. Don’t be afraid to choose shirts, ties or dresses with prints, stripes or any other type of design, whether singularly or in combination. The possibilities are endless, fun and a great display of your personality (not to mention a pleasant surprise for your guests). While mint continues to be a very popular shade, your imagination is now the limit in reference to color options. If you choose not to use every color in the rainbow and stick to a single one, have some fun by making it bold and bright instead of keeping it muted.

LESS is more. The focus is on ceremonies in smaller venues with a fewer number of invitees in attendance. The focus is shifting from the prominence of the location and decorations to a more minimalistic approach that spotlights the bride and groom and the reasons for the ceremony. It is easy for guests to get caught up in the flowers, the number of bridesmaids or trying to figure out who everyone is and how they know the couple. Then, the ceremony has ended and the meaning behind it has been lost. If you want to have the ambiance of a small and intimate ceremony but are having difficulty whittling down the guest list, utilize the option of streaming your ceremony online. That way, those who are closest and most important are physically present while distant friends and relatives can share your day with you in a different way.

Go back in time. What was once old is new again. There is an emergence of vintage elements which can either create a feeling from the past or can be incorporated and used in a modern and fresh way. Wear a lace gown in a modern silhouette with a strand of pearls or a dress that is a shade of ivory in place of stark white. Don’t shy away from the notion of a gown with a higher neckline or sleeves. Both can be done in beautiful fabrics that are not opaque or stifling but instead add a touch of elegance that is fresh and unique. Keep in mind that there is a world of difference between vintage and retro and that vintage does not mean used or “pre-owned.”

The most popular trend, by far, is to have fun and do things your way. If you imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a canary colored dress, wear a canary colored dress. If your best friend is a male, let him stand up as your man of honor instead of choosing someone you’re not as close to simply because they’re female. Don’t walk down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride” if there’s another song you prefer. After all, your wedding day is just that, YOUR day. Let your personality shine and give your guests a sense of you who you are. After all, it is important that you can look back on your wedding day without regrets and knowing that you celebrated in a way that was absolutely perfect for you.

Wedding Trends 2012

It’s hard to believe but 2012 is almost here and there are new and exciting things that are popular for weddings. Here are some ideas of what is up and coming in the bridal arena.

Dessert tables are very popular instead of wedding cakes. It allows couples to offer a variety of options and specialty items. Whether cookies, cupcakes or miniature cakes, guests will love the options available and feel like the experience has been personalized to suit them.

Weddings are getting smaller. Instead of inviting everyone you have ever met, consider inviting only the people who are close to you and mean the most. After all, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and is not a public affair. There is a focus on intimacy and family which makes everyone who is invited feel special.

DIY. Lots of brides are doing more and more on their own. Not only does it save money but it ensures that you will get things done just the way you want them and can surprisingly reduce your stress level.

Going green is more popular than ever. Whether you use recycled paper for your invitations or repurpose old items for centerpieces, there are countless ways to both save money and have a positive impact on the environment.

In this day and age, many couples live together prior to getting married and already have most of what they need for their homes. Alternatives such as having guests make donations to charity in lieu of gifts or requesting contributions toward your honeymoon, such as for airfare or hotel accommodations are other popular trends for the new year.