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Banded Together?

Your reception is just as important as your ceremony as the formalities of the day are over and it’s time to relax. Everyone gets a chance to congratulate and celebrate with you, catch up with people they probably haven’t seen in quite some time and enjoy great food and dancing. While less planning is needed (relatively speaking), it is the part of the day that many attendees look forward to most so there are still details that need to be tended to. One of those is your music source as, getting people on their feet, is a large portion of the day’s merriment.

Bands are something you don’t see nearly as often as in the past so hiring one would give a personal touch and set your reception apart from most others. Additionally, they are great if you are looking to stay within a specific genre of music and aren’t finicky about which songs are played. However, they are more expensive as you are paying for time and labor and, the possibility that they will be able to perform an eclectic variety of music (in a way that is recognizable) or stick to an exact playlist is uncertain.

DJs are more cost-effective and have easy access to all types of music ranging from the Big Band era to the newest releases that have just hit the charts. Unlike a professional band, the songs played will be those of the actual artists so there will be no mistake as to the recognition of your choices.  You can give them a list of “To Play” and “Don’t Play” songs, the order and time you want to hear them, and (fingers crossed), enjoy your evening without worry.

Unfortunately, DJs often view each gig as an opportunity to showcase their personal skills which can lead to unwanted remixes, morphing your song order into a sequence he/she feels more appropriate and numerous other potential difficulties.

A great way to sidestep all these concerns (AND POSSIBLY FOR FREE) is to use an MP3 player.  Compile a few hours of music, including some throwbacks that have meaning to your college friends, ones that the older guests will appreciate and whatever else you and your fiancé choose. They can play in a definitive order or be set to shuffle and the only potential cost is having to download tunes you don’t already have in your collection(s). However, it is imperative that you inquire about your venue’s sound system, any fees for using it and do a test run to be certain everything will work as expected.

The allure of live music and the prestige of a DJ are lost when you opt for an MP3 player. There is a time and place for both of those but, on your big day, the allure and prestige, attention and excitement are all focused solely on you and your fiancé. Your personalized music and special songs will make your guests realize the energy and thought you took to include each of them in your celebration and appreciate your doing so.

Cutting (Cake) on Your Budget

One of the highlights of any wedding for both you and your husband (as well as your guests) is the cutting of the cake. Cakes are often very traditional and routine in the sense of being multiple round or square tiers and many brides believe that bigger is better. There are things to consider that might not even cross your mind before committing yourself to any single one however. The options are endless and your cake should be something that is fun, individualized and representative of you as a couple.

Before you select a design or size, you need to choose the flavor(s) and that takes some time and consideration in and of itself. Obviously, first and foremost, you want a type of cake that is a favorite of both you and your fiancé. However, you should take into consideration what your guests will enjoy as well. One option is to have each layer a different flavor so that everyone can have either what they like or are in the mood for at the moment. Another advantage to doing so is that what looks one way on the outside is fun and unexpected on the inside.

The majority of any wedding cake is thrown away but they can really take a bite out of your budget as the cost typically ranges anywhere from $1.50 all the way up to $20.00 per slice. It is prudent to keep in mind the number of guests and have a smaller cake that will feed everyone but, at the same time, can be more individualized for either less or at most the same price.  After all, the way you choose to decorate it contributes to the cost as well.

Another way to cut down is to have a small, one tier cake with a cake topper that you cut and then have sheet cakes of the same flavor in another area that can be served to everyone as, that way, your invitees will have the same taste, most likely won’t even know the difference and it is easier on your wallet.

There are some questions that should be considered when finding the right bakery to make your cake. It is important to know how far in advance of your big day the cake will be made as most brides would prefer that it not be created several days prior. Additionally, you need to ask exactly who will be designing, building it and decorating it as sometimes, it is the associates or someone other than who you signed up for. Making sure that it will arrive to your location correctly and as you expect is necessary as well. Often, there is a delivery cost but, if knowing you will have just what you asked for and the exact appearance you wanted, it is worth it.

Your wedding cake is just one of many things that can easily be done and chosen without much thought but is something that some time and energy should be put into so as to not look back with any regrets.