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Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

On your big day, it feels like every moment will forever be ingrained in your memory and many of them will. Like everything else though, time will blur and erase some of them. As life progresses and other monumental events happen, memory banks are replenished, hence the importance of photographs. There are pivotal shots every bride focuses on but some that are equally important that may not be considered. Here are a few of those:

Before Shots:  You will have countless glamorous photos looking more beautiful than you ever have. The moments before you start getting ready will highlight your inner glow, undeniable excitement and the naturally beautiful woman your fiancé is committing his life to.

First Look: The first time your fiancé sees you walking down the aisle is priceless as his emotions are unplanned, can’t be hidden and are as heartfelt and unfiltered as can be.

Decorations: While you will never forget the time spent planning every detail, the vision of exactly how it all came together will likely fade. While most brides focus on their guests and festivities, as the saying goes “it’s all in the details” and reminders of those are equally important.

Your Gown: Snap your dress on the hanger before it’s been worn. The instant you put it on, dirt, makeup, food etc. will leave marks that are nearly impossible to remove. Take time to memorialize all its glory after it’s been prepared for you to step into.

Candid Moments: Some of the best shots are those that aren’t posed or planned. Capture everyone when they think no one is looking. Perhaps not the most flattering, these are the most realistic and fun reflections of your special day and the wonderful time had by all.

There are standard photos expected of every couple that every photographer takes. While those are important, equally so are ones that document the smallest details, unplanned moments and emotions that cannot be found in a posed picture.

Give Us a Shot

We all take photos in our everyday lives whether with phones or digital cameras to capture things that are funny, sweet or just something new and different. They are moments that mean something and can be looked back upon fondly and create wonderful memories whether they are pictures of family, friends, pets or anything else. Photos of your wedding day are distinctive, and while perhaps you have some others that mean just as much, they should be treated differently as you don’t hire someone just to capture a random moment. Who you hire to memorialize your special day is something you need to take some time to think about.

Get some background information and see some of the previous work from anyone you are interested in using. Many photographers have a certain style that they are best at and, while they may be amazing in that sense, it may not be what you are looking for. Most likely, it is best to select someone who has taken pictures of weddings prior to yours. That way, they will know the shots, angles and poses that mean the most, are most important and most flattering of everyone from you and your new husband to the bridal party, guests etc.

Inquire as to how your photos will be delivered to you. Sometimes can only get them in a tangible form that you would then have to replicate for your invitees on your own which would be an additional cost, some will give you a CD that can easily be copied and sent to everyone and yet others post them on their website for anyone to download (usually with a password) those that they choose to.

Something else to consider is when and how the moments will be commemorated. Some venues have restrictions and don’t allow photography inside of the location so the actual wedding ceremony will not be captured. More often than not, pictures take quite a while to take. You should consider whether or not you are willing to let your groom see you prior to walking down the aisle so they can be done beforehand or whether it is important to you to not show yourself before the ceremony and insist on taking them afterwards. If you choose to do the latter, you need to have something to entertain your guests in the interim.

There are countless things to contemplate when planning your wedding and many seem like easy choices that will take a minimal amount of your time. Who will be in charge of the tangible memories of your wedding day is one that should be researched and that some thought should go in to. After all, there is only one chance as you can never relive or recreate the day.