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An Overview of All Things New

Each year, the world of weddings experiences growth in the form of new trends, ideas and possibilities for brides to add to their already infinite number of options. 2017 is no exception and brings with it some exciting and fresh alternatives for just about every aspect of your big day. Some of the notable highlights are below….

Do Things Separately: Bridal stores will be filled with an increased number of both two-piece gowns and traditional ones with detachable skirts to remove for your reception as customizable dresses are the latest “must haves.” Separates are appropriate for all seasons as skirts exist to match the bottom of any wedding dress. In the winter, pair one with an elegant, embellished sweater or match it with a sleeveless, lacy top during the warmer months. Detachable skirts give you two dresses for the price of one so your ceremony can be formal with a floor length gown that you simply remove when the reception begins and it’s time to let loose and celebrate.

A LITTLE Bit of Glitz: Gone are the radiant, bright colors that flooded every aspect of weddings last year. More popular are bouquets made of ivy, local succulents and other greenery and color palettes based on tones of beige, creams and shades of gray. To add some elegance and glamour, the trend is to add gold or metallic accents through stemware, table runners, bouquet ties, ribbons, etc.

It’s All About Location: The general tendency of late to promote local businesses is spilling over into the wedding industry leading more brides to “keep it local.” Opt for decor that is representative of your community (while keeping in line with your personality). Choose a menu that celebrates what sets your area apart and gives your out-of-town guests a feel for what your life is truly like. Not only does it give back to local vendors but you will be guaranteed to have a comfortable, relaxing day.

Honorable Mention: An increase in couples will be asking for less for themselves and more for others. More infrequent are registries of household items, money for a honeymoon or wish lists filled with fun, new gadgets. Instead, brides and grooms are compiling options of charities from which each guest can choose to donate to in their honor. Most likely, you already have most of what you need and there’s immense gratitude and satisfaction knowing that those who require help are able to receive it because of your special day.

The fun and innovative ways to plan your big day that are emerging for the new year are endless. Take some time to explore all the possibilities because you may very well fall in love with some ideas that have never even crossed your mind and will turn your current vision upside down.

Getting Trendy

Every year, wedding trends change and, while they may be a jumping off point when it comes time to begin planning, there is no need to base your entire day solely on what is currently in style. Many brides want to fit in with what is “hip” and “chic” in the moment and fear getting caught up in the past or seeming too far out of the box. However, here are some trends for 2016 and years to come.

Patterns: Have some fun. Not everything has to match nor does your color scheme have to solely consist of one or two colors. You can select the colors you want for flowers, decorations and bridesmaids dresses, making beautiful combinations of each for your save the date cards, invitations, napkins, etc. Color blocking/random combinations are both expressive and creative.

Sleeves: Although strapless, sweetheart neckline gowns were the rage for years, the creativity with both short and long sleeves is growing. Having either, especially with an open back, is very popular due to exuding femininity, sensuality and elegance at the same time. They can be made of lace, crystals or other beading and accentuate your dress whether simple or the most extravagant.

Incorporation: If you opt to have a reading included in your ceremony, rather than being performed by the pastor, give short portions to certain chosen guests where they can stand up and read them from their seats. Not only would each be honored to do (those won’t be chosen will not feel left out) but it creates an intimacy and an unspoken symbol of value to everyone you invited.

Personal Moments: Personal photo shoots have always been a tradition but now, rather than being intimate, it has become more stylish to take pictures as you get dressed with your bridesmaids, your mother and those nearest to you buttoning your dress or perfecting your veil because the most beautiful images are those which silently express your anticipation and excitement.

Smaller, more intimate unions are not only more meaningful to each person involved but make any sort of variety of old and new both fun and memorable, and that, perhaps, is the biggest new trend of all.

Of Course I Hue

Colors are one of the most exciting decisions when planning your wedding as they typically draw everything together. Your first inclination may be bits of everything so as to create a bright, cheerful and vibrant atmosphere. If you opt to streamline things while maintaining variety, a couple of complementary colors are popular to avoid appearing bland or stale. Consider choosing a single color however (which doesn’t mean just that) as there is beauty in simplicity and keeps the focus on you.

Favorite colors are usually labeled as red, yellow or green rather than cobalt, lilac etc. Each have so many variations which make the mundane magnificent and allow you to completely transform yours by using different shades.

If you select a homogeneous theme, everything can elegantly be drawn together in a subtle way that doesn’t take the spotlight off you. Perhaps you’re obsessed with all things pink for example. That doesn’t mean your floral arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, bouquet and everything at the reception etc. must look like Pepto-Bismol.

Your bouquet can be a combination of Flamingo, Pastel and Rose while your wedding party wears a mixture of Cherry Blossom, Raspberry, Blush and Carnation. The same goes for any color as there are so many different tones of each that may never even cross your mind but can easily be found.

Often times, an individual color will simplify your decisions (therefore reducing your stress level) but also create a unique and different atmosphere as well as be another way to decrease your overall costs.

Idea(lly), This Would be Easy

Every wedding should be personal and individualized and should never be based solely on what is popular in the moment surrounding the time you have set your date for. However, sometimes, looking at trends will give you a place to start the overwhelming process of your journey and help you to figure out what you do and don’t like. Many brides go shopping for dresses, decorations, locations, flowers etc. without having a clue as to what they are interested in which just magnifies and multiplies an already difficult and time-consuming process. Certainly, you should never choose anything because it is trendy or what other brides will be doing but here are some things (just for ideas) that are popular for 2014.

Colors that have not necessarily been popular or even often considered are ones you should give some thought to. For example, gray, which is something that most people consider to be drab and boring, can be done in a beautiful and elegant way, especially in combination with another color. Shades of neutral colors are also something new and innovative and can easily be accented by muted greens, browns, blues etc. While jewel tones have always been popular, another thought is navy as it is a richer and darker tone that may be effortlessly brightened by yellow, another shade of blue or even white.

Many times, brides feel as if the more skin they show, the more beautiful they will look but that is not necessarily always the case. Often times, subtlety is more stunning and attractive and can easily be done without feeling as if you are completely covered up. Cap sleeves will be popular and can be done in transparent, jeweled ways so it is a combination of showing skin and covering up at the same time. The same effect can be achieved with long sleeves or even a high neckline. Also, as the saying goes, “Everything old is new again” and vintage is making a comeback. Dresses with lace, beading and differing shades of white give an old feel in a new and beautiful way.

As for your wedding party, different is the new matching. Consider putting each girl in a different color and/or style of dress as that multiplies both the fun and individuality factors. Short dresses are in style too, as it isn’t and never has been required that your bridesmaids wear floor-length gowns. Dresses with one shoulder, a bow or a small amount of embellishment are popular as they make the gown feel more glamorous and special than something plain.

Wedding planning should be fun and making all of the necessary decisions should express your personality and creativity rather than being details that bog you down and cause you stress. With every passing year, ceremonies become more fun and inventive and less expected to be traditional and follow the guidelines of past generations. Take advantage of that and enjoy doing what it is that feels right for you. Ideas and trends are only meant to give you a starting point and certainly not to dictate how your wedding should be.