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Banded Together

While selecting your engagement ring is not your choice, discussing your future often occurs prior to your fiancé actually asking the big question. Undoubtedly, one topic that may arise is the desired style of ring as it will be worn for the remainder of your life. Most likely, you have always imagined a huge diamond (as that has always been the trend) although there are options to consider which not only stand out but make your personality shine as well.

Gems: Many have a special attachment to either their birthstone or another with special meaning. Not only can they be created in any shape and diamonds be added as an embellishment (if chosen to do so), the ring is both an expression of you and certainly increases the value and intimacy behind the choice.

Simple bands: While no longer looked upon as being cheap or skimpy, they are a wonderful way to show the growth of your relationship as layers can be added on as your years together pass. It is a symbol that your relationship is not based on flaunting it to others but is a portrayal of the intimate commitment you have with one another.

Double Up: Perhaps the most sentimental design is a combination with special meaning to each of you. One option is two stones of the same type or one that each of you prefers. Alternately, perhaps there is a unique and relevant shape which could be made from any consolidation you choose.

Again, you are not the one who will determine what your ring looks like but if your fiancé knows you well enough and you have had discussions and dreams for your future, whatever he selects will be just perfect.

Bring on the Band



Growing up, every girl dreams of a Cinderella dress and a big diamond ring. However, there is so much more meaning behind a ring with individual significance that will stand out and be uniquely your own. Bigger is not better nor does cost equal meaning. As of late, more and more fiancés are opting for rings that either aren’t solely diamonds or only have them as small embellishments on the sides.

Before selecting a stone other than a diamond, it is important that your fiancé makes sure you are okay with such a choice. You may be as unconventional as they come but still have your heart set on a diamond and he would never want something you would feel reluctant to show off.

However, there may be a very plain and simple ring you inherited that you couldn’t imagine wearing anything other than for the rest of your life, not because of the significance it holds from where it came but because it is just personally so beautiful to you that nothing could supersede it.

Certain stones have meanings behind them which personify your relationship, symbolize characteristics your fiancé sees in you or may indicate hopes for the future. They may not be the stone you would have first imagined wanting but upon finding out the detonation behind the choice, you most likely will completely change your mind.

Additionally, sometimes the simplest rings such as lattice patterns or modest knots come with an incredible amount of forethought and signification to them as they represent the two of you being interlaced for the rest of your lives.

A ring is something that should hold special significance to you, something that you look at and every time you do, makes you think of the individual meaning behind. It should never be a show piece or anything solely to impress others. Your ring is an item that only you will have, no one can duplicate and it is important to keep in mind that the reasoning behind it is a reminder of why you chose to marry the person you did.


Most likely, you have been the one planning your wedding, making the decisions and insuring that everything will go off without a hitch. That certainly doesn’t mean that your fiancé either isn’t interested or that the day is any less important to him.  Most likely, he will let you take charge because what is most important to him is that you have the day you’ve dreamed of since you were young as most men don’t do the same thing. While memories are the most important things that come from your union, typically brides and grooms exchange special gifts on the day of the wedding to have tangible reminders.

If you want to DIY, make a scrapbook of the notes, cards and photos that have been significant portions of your relationship and played a part in getting you to the altar. You can also create a journal of the entire planning process, why you chose the things you did, how it made you feel, expressing your excitement etc. as that can be kept forever and looked back on.

If there is someone important to him who cannot make it to the ceremony, convince them to rearrange things based on the importance to your future husband so he will be pleasantly surprised. This also can be done if that person actually can make it as you could conspire with whomever it to say they cannot as the result will be the same and perhaps even more sentimental because of the thought behind it.

There are many things that can be engraved such as a money clip or cuff links (which most men rarely wear),  but by far the most special and meaningful would be having something written on either the outside or inside of his wedding band whether it be the date you met, got engaged, your wedding date or just something personal and special between the two of you. That way, he can always be reminded of just how important and special your relationship is.

Most couples are on a tight budget and don’t have too much to spare and there are many very inexpensive things you can give as well. If he is an avid tennis player, for example, he’d appreciate a new racket or a few lessons. You could easily arrange dinner plans for him and his closest friends or even have an embroidered tie patch that can be worn on his way to work.

While it is not necessary to exchange gifts and the tradition of doing so isn’t applicable to everyone, no matter how large or small, they are indications of your commitment and how meaningful your relationship and marriage are.

That has a Ring to it

When you are proposed to, of course, the shock of it all is overwhelming and in the first few moments, you probably don’t even notice the look of your ring other than to be shocked that you now have a ring to wear on that finger forever. However, as you stare at it for the first few hours or days, thoughts may come into your mind that it’s not the ring you would’ve chosen for yourself, whether it is smaller than the ones your recently married friends have received or is a gem other than a diamond. Many brides feel as if the cost or size of their ring is something to brag about or an indication of how much they are loved. Women look at other’s rings and think of how nice they are or how much they must have cost but, in reality, the ring has the exact same meaning whether it cost $400 or $4 million.

Perhaps, times are tough for your fiancé but he couldn’t wait to make you his wife so he bought the best ring he could afford at the time. Remember that you can always upgrade at a later time if it means that much to you but, to me, that would be the best one. You would be surprised at how many gorgeous and intricate rings there are that are solely bands without any type of gem at all. In fact, you could wear a simple white gold band for which your fiancé saved every penny for months in order to get while your next door neighbor may wear a 20 karat rock with a band covered in diamonds that was simply thrown on her finger for show. Perhaps, your fiancé is a millionaire and would still choose the same band for a personal reason or because he believes it to be more your style. Intent and feelings, not money, in this circumstance, are what matter and are important.

On the other hand (no pun intended), he may choose something with a gemstone, with or without accompanying diamonds. Maybe it is an aquamarine in representation of your birthstone or an emerald because it reminds him of your green eyes. Perhaps, he has always thought rubies were the most beautiful gem or wanted to hand down his grandmother’s ring which was an amethyst. In those instances, the ring should have extra significance to you because it wasn’t just chosen by him walking in to a store and simply pointing at something but was selected after a great deal of thought and consideration. In fact, (not that a wedding ring should ever be based on a trend), rings with gemstones have become quite popular in the not too distant past. Think of Kate Middleton’s sapphire ring, for example. A ring that isn’t based around diamonds definitely stands out in a crowd for both its beauty and uniqueness.

It can be guaranteed that there’s some sort of reason your ring was chosen for you, even if it was solely lack of money and not being able to wait. Whatever it looks like, the meaning behind it should make it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. It shouldn’t be something you feel as if you have to explain to others.  It should solely be something that you look down, see and feel absolutely elated about. The roundness of your ring symbolizes a love that is never-ending and is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, as that is the only one with a vein directly to the heart. That does not change regardless of how it looks or how much it costs.