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Year’s End Means New Trends

Each year brings new styles, colors and innovative ideas for brides. While exciting and fun, they can make decisions even more complicated. What you wear reflects your personality but is often what ties aspects such as the venue, time of day, formality etc. together. Just a few exciting trends for your gown follow:

Florals: Every wedding has flowers, from centerpieces to bouquets and boutonnieres but now are appearing in various ways on dresses. Whether an actual floral print, used subtly as lace texture or three-dimensional embellishment, they are edgy and unique. If bold enough, your dress could speak for itself and skip the bouquet.

Less Length: Most dresses must be lifted while walking and you don’t want a gown covered in grass or dirt, nor one you might trip over. Showing a little leg is a great solution. They are easier to maneuver and dance in, let you show off an amazing pair of shoes and come in countless silhouettes, so they aren’t just for casual affairs.

Puffy Sleeves: While seemingly a bad throwback to the 80’s, volume is be being done in very tasteful ways. Some gowns are off-the-shoulder with the poof from the elbow down. Others are short and just at the top. If you have commitment phobia to the idea, they can be eased by being detachable for the reception or wearing a fitted gown and minimal accessories.

Ruffles: Light, airy ruffles add a romantic feeling to any gown but need not engulf you from head to toe. Add some frill to the top of a fitted bottom or opt for a corseted bodice with a cascading, dimensional skirt. They are a fun, flirty (and lightweight) way to embellish your dress and show off your whimsical side.

Whatever dress you select will surely be the perfect one for you. There are ways to subtly incorporate the ideas mentioned above. That way, you can be on trend and stand out but not worry about looking back at your wedding photos years from now and wonder “What was I thinking?”


Choosing a wedding dress is often beyond overwhelming. Girls grow up with a dream gown in mind only to find out it is not right for their body type, not at all what they expected and don’t think about cost. There are many things to consider before you even begin shopping and below are just a few:

Your Entourage: While you want to get the opinion of everyone closest to you, it can make you preferences get lost in the mix. You can feel perfect in a gown that your mom doesn’t love, your best friend says doesn’t suit you and you end up feeling defeated and settling for something you didn’t really want.

Fit: Wedding dresses are sized differently than clothes so you shouldn’t get caught up in a number. It’s much better to buy bigger as anything can be taken in than to buy smaller and put added stress on yourself to lose weight when you already have enough to focus on.

Pricing: Expensive dresses with designer names are no better than any other. No one will know how much you paid and you need to stay within your budget. Additionally, if you try on an overpriced gown, chances are you might fall in love with it and then nothing will compare.

Fiancés: Your soon to be husband likely has an idea of what he wants to see you in but often it is so far different than what you imagine. It is guaranteed that he will think you look gorgeous in whatever you choose. Your dress is just that (YOURS) and you will look more beautiful when you feel comfortable in your choice.

Your wedding dress is likely the most expensive gown you will ever wear and will keep forever. Go with what your heart tells you is right regardless of others opinions, or brand names because it is all about you and it is one of the most important aspects of your big day.


Weddings often are based on coordinating elements to create a seemingly flawless occasion. However, your venue doesn’t dictate your dress style, your guest list doesn’t mandate the size of your location and individuality creates a more memorable experience. Your ceremony appearance is likely the most important of your life, is an intimate choice and should represent your personality.

Vintage gowns, for example, are not only beautiful and distinctive but can be fitting for any location. Often the word is associated with used or old but, in actuality, is more representative of a style in terms of fabric and design. Neither usage is negative and both have qualities that are special and relevant.

If you choose one of the most common associations with the word, you could reconfigure a dress worn by a relative (typically your mom) in a modern way creating a special and treasured meaning while being easy on the budget and combining parts of the two of you.

Another option, while a tad bit pricier and requiring more thought is one from another era that has been preserved and can be found at a specialized store. If you go down this road, it’s imperative to keep in mind that sizes are different, stains that have been present for countless years are probably not removable and alterations to modernize them can be quite difficult as the fabric may not stand the test of time.

Gorgeous vintage gowns exist that don’t cost ridiculous amounts of money but are new and uniquely yours. Whether made of lace/fabrics that aren’t satin, long-sleeved, have high necklines, aren’t stark white or what is typically seen these days, not only are elegant but impressive. If you choose an original one but want to add a smidgen of embellishment, a colorful ribbon or crystal belt is a fabulous way to do so.

Nothing is set in stone and surely not when involving the time you should feel most beautiful. Whether you select something modern, evocative of the past or a combination of the two, what makes you feel gorgeous and expresses who you are is what matters the most.

Idea(lly), This Would be Easy

Every wedding should be personal and individualized and should never be based solely on what is popular in the moment surrounding the time you have set your date for. However, sometimes, looking at trends will give you a place to start the overwhelming process of your journey and help you to figure out what you do and don’t like. Many brides go shopping for dresses, decorations, locations, flowers etc. without having a clue as to what they are interested in which just magnifies and multiplies an already difficult and time-consuming process. Certainly, you should never choose anything because it is trendy or what other brides will be doing but here are some things (just for ideas) that are popular for 2014.

Colors that have not necessarily been popular or even often considered are ones you should give some thought to. For example, gray, which is something that most people consider to be drab and boring, can be done in a beautiful and elegant way, especially in combination with another color. Shades of neutral colors are also something new and innovative and can easily be accented by muted greens, browns, blues etc. While jewel tones have always been popular, another thought is navy as it is a richer and darker tone that may be effortlessly brightened by yellow, another shade of blue or even white.

Many times, brides feel as if the more skin they show, the more beautiful they will look but that is not necessarily always the case. Often times, subtlety is more stunning and attractive and can easily be done without feeling as if you are completely covered up. Cap sleeves will be popular and can be done in transparent, jeweled ways so it is a combination of showing skin and covering up at the same time. The same effect can be achieved with long sleeves or even a high neckline. Also, as the saying goes, “Everything old is new again” and vintage is making a comeback. Dresses with lace, beading and differing shades of white give an old feel in a new and beautiful way.

As for your wedding party, different is the new matching. Consider putting each girl in a different color and/or style of dress as that multiplies both the fun and individuality factors. Short dresses are in style too, as it isn’t and never has been required that your bridesmaids wear floor-length gowns. Dresses with one shoulder, a bow or a small amount of embellishment are popular as they make the gown feel more glamorous and special than something plain.

Wedding planning should be fun and making all of the necessary decisions should express your personality and creativity rather than being details that bog you down and cause you stress. With every passing year, ceremonies become more fun and inventive and less expected to be traditional and follow the guidelines of past generations. Take advantage of that and enjoy doing what it is that feels right for you. Ideas and trends are only meant to give you a starting point and certainly not to dictate how your wedding should be.

Say Yes to the Dress?

The dress you wear on your wedding day is the most important dress you will ever put on. It will not only be something that makes you feel beautiful and a gown that everyone will be looking at, but it symbolizes a new beginning and the start of a different and exciting life. Here are some hints for picking out the perfect dress that is just right for you.

Just because it is more expensive doesn’t mean that it is more beautiful. Keep in mind that, while it is very important and a very special moment, it is a dress that will only be worn once and only for a few hours at that. No one knows how much your dress costs and if you can get an amazing gown for a great price, there’s no reason not to.

Think about your figure and what shape accentuates it the most. Most girls grow up dreaming of a ball gown and looking like Cinderella but that might not be the best look for you. It is important to choose a shape and dress that you will be able to look back at pictures of and not regret. Highlight your best assets and pick something that makes you feel beautiful but don’t have your mind set on something just because it is what you pictured growing up or because it is what is in style now.

Take the advice from the people who mean the most and who go shopping with you but recognize that they will not be the person wearing the dress, so ultimately, your opinion is most important. What makes you feel the most special and what touches you the most is the gown you should be wearing.

Consider the venue because some dresses aren’t appropriate for the location. For example, a ball gown is not really fitting for the beach where people will wear flip flops to the ceremony. Whether the location fits the gown or the gown fits the location is not important. The thing that matters is that they should go well together and match one another.

Shop ’til You Drop

When it comes time to shop for your dress, there are several things to consider because, even though most girls have a dream dress in mind, shopping can become very complicated.

One thing to consider is who you are going to take with you while you are looking. Most times, brides want to involve everyone who is really close to her. However, sometimes involving too many people or getting too many opinions makes things way more difficult and confusing than they need to be. It’s important to remember that what really matters is what you want and, in the end, if you are happy, everyone else will be too.

Sometimes, the dress of your dreams is not the one that flatters you the most or the one you will end up thinking is perfect for you. It is important to look at magazines and bridal websites beforehand, but don’t have a closed mind when it comes to what you might actually wear. You just may fall in love with something completely unexpected and the exact opposite of what you initially thought was ideal.

Stick to your budget. Don’t try on something you can’t afford because, chances are that nothing else will compare to it. If you have a price range in mind, don’t let a bridal consultant, family member or friend get you to try on something outside of that. Just because it costs more doesn’t mean it’s more beautiful.

Keep in mind the fees that come along with the dress. No wedding dress fits perfectly when you try it on and alterations always cost extra. Additionally, the veil and accessories will be extra.

Don’t second guess yourself. If you chose a dress, you picked it for a reason. Once you have found the dress that made you feel beautiful and special, stop looking.