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The Heat is On

Along with the beautiful colors and relaxation of summer comes warmer weather that can create some potentially uncomfortable situations for both you and your guests. Below are a few clever and fun ways to ensure everyone has the most enjoyable experience possible.

Minimize the heat with savory treats. Rather than (or in addition to) a traditional cake, consider ice cream sandwiches. The options for the ice cream (sorbet or gelato if you choose) and cookies are virtually endless. You can even have a little fun and offer various flavors, colors and make them in a signature shape.

If you are having a cake, perhaps a “naked” one is the way to go. Instead of being covered in icing or fondant, the bare layers are held together with cream cheese or fluffy buttercream. Juicy, moisturizing berries and fresh flowers will make the lack of icing go unnoticed.

Sometimes, perception is reality. Use thin, airy fabrics to decorate your ceremony and reception spaces. Tulle, silk, ribbon, tassels and even paper are great options for any venue. When things appear breezy and light, your guests will be less likely to notice the temperature.

Your comfort is most important as all eyes will be on you. Don’t shy away from a tea length dress that can be embellished and made appropriate for even formal venues. Lightweight make up and updos also help keep you looking fresh and reduce the warmth.

Unfortunately, some degree of heat is unavoidable mid-year. With a little thought and creativity however, it is possible to keep your food, desserts, guests and subsequently you from having meltdowns!

Let Them Eat…..

It might be hard to imagine having a wedding without a wedding cake but, not only do some couples not like cake but a lot of wedding cakes end up going to waste. Additionally, cakes can be very expensive for couples on a tight budget and there are fun and unique ways to celebrate at your reception without actually having a cake. Here are just a few.

Have a candy bar filled with a variety of sweets that will take everyone back to their childhood. It is a great way to let your guests have a plethora of options to choose from and you can include anything and everything you can imagine. If you provide some bags, your guests can take some tasty treats home with them as a party favor too.

Serve cupcakes. They can be displayed in a way that resembles a cake but are much more cost efficient. You can even have multiple flavors so that if one guest wants chocolate and someone else wants lemon, both can be accommodated.

Have a cookie table with an assortment of cookies for your guests to eat. After all, everyone loves a great chocolate chip cookie or a good sugar cookie. It’s another great way to give everyone options and cut down on costs at the same time.

An array of fresh fruit and a chocolate fountain is another great idea. If someone just wants fruit, they can have strawberries, etc. or if they prefer, they can dip it into the fountain and have a sweet bite or two…or three.

Not only is skipping the wedding cake and groom’s cake a good way to save some money but it is a great way to express your personality and add a special touch to your wedding day.