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What a PURRfect Idea

Many people have pets with whom they have spent many years, treated as children and shared some of the most important moments of their lives. There is no reason your wedding, from beginning to end, should be any exception as not only does it trump any special time as of yet but would ease your stress load and add to the fun of the entire process. Following are just a few ways to do so….

Engagement: Although it would be out of your control, how wonderful would it be if your fiancé proposed to you by tying your engagement ring around your pet’s neck with a bright ornate bow or fancied a “Will you marry me sign?” for him/her to walk into the room and surprise you with?

Ceremony: Have your furry friend escort the flower girl down the aisle on a leash or with a collar adorned with flowers that match your bouquet. Alternately, let your little one act as the ring bearer (assuming they are the type of animal who can do so). Even if they don’t make it directly to you, it would provide comic relief and entertainment for all your guests.

If your animal is small enough, forgo your bouquet all together and carry him or her down the aisle instead, whether in your arms, a basket or any other type of bag.

Photos: If you want your special one to partake in your wedding but worry about their temper, guests with potential allergies, restrictions from your venue etc., you can add them every step along the way beginning with your Save the Date cards, including them in your engagement photos and even make arrangements for their presence during your day of photos taken outdoors and away from your invitees.

Added Extras: No matter what species your beloved pet is, consider having bride and groom replicas as that type as your cake topper. You could also choose something reflective of your someone who plays such a special role in your life and incorporate it into your reception, whether it be paw print stones leading to your reception space (if you have a cat or dog), using feathers in your centerpieces if your favorite friend is a bird and so on.

The options are limitless as is the amount of fun you can have and just how much of a difference including your animal will make not only to you but to your guests and to him/her as well. It is important, however, to ensure that someone is available to tend to their needs so, while you are able to share your wedding with them, you and your groom are not constantly distracted by looking after your little one.

I Want to Include Fur(ry) Friends


Everyone with a dog considers him/her to be a member of the family and it has become increasingly popular for brides to find ways of including them in their wedding. Unfortunately, most venues are not willing to accommodate animals during ceremonies. However, there are many ways you can do so either subtly or obviously while avoiding conflict.

If you want a more understated acknowledgement, consider having cake toppers made which resemble you dog(s). That way, anyone who knows you will automatically recognize the significance and those who may not be aware will ask and be impressed by the sentiment. As well, your fiancé could wear a personalized pocket square with an outline of your furry child sewn on it.

Perhaps you would prefer to show your love in a more noticeable manner. One, perhaps the cutest way, is to have life-size topiaries (no matter their size) at the entrance to your venue. You can form flower collars matching your design that will make each guest feel just as welcome as you do every time you get home.

Another idea to show how important your dog means to you is by making them a part of your engagement photos. That takes some planning as you must ensure that pets are allowed at your location choice, they will be comfortable there and that the photographer doesn’t take issue with their inclusion. It is also important to bring treats along so as to help with focus, give them time to acclimate to the environment and have a family member or friend who is willing to come along and take care of your baby so you can get some wonderful photos which solely include you and your fiancé.

Dogs are just like children, are a reflection of your personality and hold a very special place in your heart. Wanting to incorporate them in the most special day of your life is understandable but does require thought in sense of to which degree so as to make you, them and your guests feel comfortable.