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Knot Going Overboard

Many brides feel as if a more expensive wedding showcases a greater amount of love for their fiancé, more of a commitment or an increased amount of sincerity to their guests. Weddings, however, are not competitions and you can easily be just as happy paying the small filing fee at the courthouse for your license and that being the end of it.

Despite the growth of the wedding industry, studies show that as the amount spent on ceremonies decreases, the likelihood of marriages being successful and lasting increases. There are many reasons this could be the case and here are a few…

Spending a great deal on a particular day (although being the most important barring having children), will begin your new life with a huge amount of debt. The beauty is that intimacy, commitment and a lifelong promise are each actually free. The only cost is that is of being willing to give your heart and all that you have to someone else.

Favors are most often left behind as, without being unkind, in a short amount of time, no one really wants a match book with your wedding date inscribed on it nor do they care about personalized wine glasses. If you choose to give gifts, make them edible, seeds to plant in their yard or a meaningful reminder which will be lasting neither of which cost very much.

Choose a pair of shoes you already own and feel comfortable in. Most gowns are long enough that your footwear won’t even be seen and, as you will be spending many hours of the day on your feet, chances are you’ll end up taking them off/changing out of them anyway. Additionally, pain or discomfort can be noticeable and add an unwanted quirkiness to your gait as you walk down the aisle. Doing so not only makes you have one less thing to worry about but will often save several hundred dollars.

Paper seems a minimal expense as it is never something very costly. However, most likely, individualized place cards and menus are produced on card stock, will have to be duplicated (one for the menu and another for the seating location) and the cost increases infinitely as the number of guests does. To be more cost-effective, have a single menu at each table listing the names of every invitee at the table, as typically, it is unnecessary for each person to have their own list. Menus and place cards are other items that no one is going to take home, hold on to nor will most likely even recall.

The one element of your wedding day that matters doesn’t cost a single penny, won’t put you into debt, won’t be remembered by your guests and won’t cause you a single minute of stress or anxiety. Sometimes, that gets lost in the mix but it is very important to keep in mind as, in an industry that makes brides so easily get caught up in the smallest details, the sole reason the event is happening is temporarily forgotten.


Wedding Starts with WE


Weddings are wonderful moments that happen only once in life and will be remembered forever. The only more important day(s) in your life will be the one(s) that you have a child. It is typically believed that a wedding day is the “bride’s day” but, fingers crossed, your groom doesn’t view it in the same manner because he is just as excited and anxious to be your spouse as you are his. However, whether the two of you are paying for your day on your own or are getting help from family, the financial responsibility is not solely yours. Therefore, in a certain way, there are two separate budgets for your wedding, although it is a single one at the very end.

There are obvious things that a bride or a groom is expected to cover the expenses for, such as the groom paying for the engagement and wedding ring for you as well as you paying for your dress and his ring. Things such as those go without saying but there are many costs incurred that future brides are not aware of who is responsible for. There are also items that neither of you have any responsibility for whatsoever.

If the two of you are paying for your big day on your own, chances are that you, like most couples, have yet to combine your financial accounts (and may never), which leaves two options in terms of payment and budget. One option is to follow how things traditionally go with you handling what’s typically expected of a bride and your fiancé doing the like. Otherwise, you could have a conversation where each of you says “I have X amount to contribute” and combine the funds in reference to all aspects of your wedding. That would mean that, no matter what cost what, you would not go over the agreed upon amount at the end of the day. You may find a $5,000 gown that you must have but if you’ve agreed on a $20,000 budget, you have to be willing to scrimp in and/or eliminate other items.

Whether your families are helping or it’s just the two of you footing the bill, the cost breakdown is pretty much status quo. Without going in to each item individually, aside from the following, any unmentioned items are primarily your responsibility: boutonnieres for the groomsmen, corsages for mothers and grandmothers, your bouquet, the marriage license, any officiant fees, rehearsal costs and honeymoon.

Obviously, that leaves a great deal to you from the invitations, photography, ceremony, reception and the list goes on. However, it will all be well-spent and make for wonderful memories years down the line. Thankfully for you, these days, typically the cost of the attire for your wedding party is their own. That is something to keep in mind when making your selections as, while groomsmen can typically rent a tuxedo or suit for a reasonable price, the bridal party has to actually purchase their dresses. Therefore, you need to be respectful of the cost and, although you may find the most flattering and amazing dress for $400, that’s probably not practical and you can certainly find something just as beautiful for much less.

Keep in mind that because your family many not be able to contribute or your fiancé can’t give as much as you, that doesn’t mean it is any less important to any of them. There are many brides who have to go without some things they would like to have. At the end of the day, you could get married by a friend who became a minister online in your backyard and the meaning would be the same. Wedding starts with WE in the sense of finances but, more importantly, because it signifies the end of “you” and “me” and the beginning of “we.”

I Do but at What Cost?

When it comes time to plan a wedding, excitement sets in but even the most detail-oriented or budget conscious bride-to-be often doesn’t realize some of the hidden costs associated with her big day. Here are what some of those costs are and tips on how to avoid them.

Alterations to both the dress and tuxedos can be very expensive. When it comes to the groom and groomsmen, a lot of money can be saved by renting tuxedos from the same place and often times, if done so, the groom’s tuxedo will be free. As for your dress, ask beforehand how much alterations will cost and if they are outside your budget, take your gown to a less expensive seamstress to have the changes made.

When having your invitations designed, you most likely won’t be advised of the cost for postage because you would be more likely to choose less bulky (and cheaper) invitations. Keep in mind that the larger the envelope and the more it weighs, the more it is going to cost to mail and when you are sending out quite a few of them, the cost adds up very quickly.

Flowers are often another hidden cost when brides choose flowers that are either not in season or choose a plethora of different ones. A very easy way to cut costs is to either choose flowers that are in season or, if your heart is set on one that is not in season, choose a single flower and use more greens and fewer blooms.

Cakes are a great place to save money because they can be very pricy and most couples believe that their cake needs to be grandiose, over the top and somewhat of a showpiece. In reality, most wedding cakes just go to waste. A great money-saving idea is to get an elegant, small wedding cake and have sheet cakes on hand to serve the majority of the guests. Another thing to keep in mind is that natural flowers as cake decorations are much more economical than sugarpaste or fondant because they have to be handmade.

It’s important to plan ahead and keep in mind ways that you can cut corners and save money because it can make a HUGE difference in your budget at the end of the day. Your wedding can be just as beautiful and you can give your guests an equally amazing experience while being economically savvy at the same time.