Congratulations on your engagement.
We are excited for the new chapter in your life and would love to be a part of it. Situated on a corner lot in the charming Hyde Park area, our church is nestled under a canopy of 150 year old oak trees. To celebrate our 100th birthday in 2010, we renovated the buildings and grounds. While doing so, we combined the qualities that make us a historical site while blending with the modernity of the city.

Linda Bourianoff
Our pastor, Linda Bourianoff, has an incredible way with words combined with an eloquent and warm delivery which undeniably shows her care for each couple she marries. Pastor Bourianoff provides counseling sessions as part of her service as it is essential to her that each couple begins their new life together in the best possible way heading down the road to success.

It is not necessary to be a member of the congregation in order to select Hyde Park Presbyterian for your wedding site and outside pastors are welcome with advanced approval.

Karen Laffere
As the wedding representative, Karen’s goal is to make certain your wedding is exactly as you envision it. Aside from being the initial contact, she does everything to ensure any request(s) you have are taken care of efficiently and to your satisfaction. She is available by phone, email or in person to answer questions, show the facilities or provide any assistance or advice.

Juan “Manuel” Senties
Multi-faceted musician, Manuel  studied Music Education and while working as a teacher, became choir director of the school. Later, he moved to Austin to continue his journey as chorus leader. Manuel leads the congregation musically each Sunday with his mastery of the piano and melodic voice. With a vast knowledge of music genres, he enjoys performing as a pianist or soloist at weddings if requested and available.

Wedding Brochure

Wedding Agreement

Couples who choose to be married in a service of Christian worship are taking a step beyond a civil ceremony and are inviting God to be a part of their relationship.  They seek to bring their marriage into accord with the will of God and allow their relationship with Christ to form a pattern for the covenant of marriage. (Ephesians 5:21)