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Flower Girl(y) Things


Typically, when you imagine the role of your flower girl, you plan on her walking down the aisle dropping rose petals which is often what happens. Some venues that don’t allow real flowers but there are many interesting and creative ways in which she can participate without using them.

She could help carry your train (if you have one) as you walk down the aisle, take part in placing it at the altar and insuring that it looks perfect. It is one sweet and meaningful alternative but most likely, there would need to be some practice prior, especially depending on her age.

A very personal way to both include her as well as share a piece of your life with your guests is to have her, instead of flowers, carry something to the two of you that is especially meaningful such as a photo of you on your first date, a special card or letter from the past or one you have written just for the day of. Whether or not you actually share it during the ceremony or at the reception, it would make your wedding even more romantic and special.

If you are insistent on flowers, a basket can be filled with a variety of flowers rather than petals.  There are many beautiful basket designs that will match the style and/or theme of your ceremony. An alternative to that is a pomander made out of a single type of flower or in a variety to match your bouquet.

Yet one other idea is to have an individualized sign made that can be carried down the aisle displaying anything from the date you met or got engaged, the name you will be taking on as a wife, a sentimental message or anything else.

No matter whether you choose to go the traditional route or opt for something different, it is important that she feels special and included as it an honor for anyone to be asked to participate on your special day and even more so to a child.

Can We Make an Arrangement?

Flowers are an important part of every wedding as they are noticed by all of your guests, add a special element to your ceremony/reception and are both complimentary and indicative of your style and personality. Just as many elements of wedding planning are, florists are something you wouldn’t think you’d need to spend a lot of time on but, in actuality, much forethought should go in to your decision.

First and foremost, you need to determine your budget, taking into consideration the number of people in your wedding party, whether or not you want pew decorations, how many centerpieces will be needed at your reception, the venue etc. It goes without saying that the fewer people you have, the more you can feasibly spend without exceeding the allotted amount.

The best way to get suggestions and recommendations is from friends or relatives who have used someone they liked, were accommodating and satisfied with especially if you attended their weddings and were impressed by the arrangements you saw. They can often give you information in terms of cost, flexibility and willingness to both understand your vision and make it come true.

Shopping around and seeing prior arrangements is also important. Some florists have easier access (which may cost less) to what you may want as well as creative ideas about how everything should come together in a cohesive way. You want to find one for whom your special day is not just a job but makes you feel like a priority and who will ensure everything is both perfect and you’re completely satisfied.

It is imperative to know what will happen if the flowers you choose are unexpectedly unavailable on the date you have chosen. There may be comparable substitutions in terms of color, size and number but you need to establish some guidelines as to what is acceptable. For example, if your heart was set on peonies, carnations surely wouldn’t be an adequate replacement.

Don’t be afraid to ask for photos/videos of prior arrangements and it’s wise to take images of your vision to the meetings. That is a great and reassuring way to know the ability of whoever you choose to handle your big day and will allow you to cross one more worry off your list.

It’s not necessary to feel guilty for not choosing someone with whom you have met and could have liked very much. After all, it is your decision and many factors go in to who you select. Keep in mind that you need to start looking several months before your wedding date so that all flowers (hopefully) can be obtained and the florist can be prepared to set aside the time to cater to you without having several weddings to make arrangements for at the same time.

What a Ceremony Site

Just as important as your venue is how you decorate it because the small details are what make the location uniquely yours. There are many unique ways to decorate your wedding site that will complement your color scheme and personalize your day. Here are just a few ideas….

Try putting potted plants or flowers in a shade of color that goes with the bridesmaids dresses at the end of the rows of seating.  It is not necessary to put one at the end of every row. You can easily place one at the end of every other one to save money and get the same effect.

Framed pictures are a great and fun way to personalize your day and show your guests the progression of your relationship. Start from the back and the beginning of your relationship and as your guests walk to their seats, it will be a special way to celebrate your wedding day with you.

Instead of using the traditional bows to adorn the ends of the rows, change things up a bit and hang miniature wreaths, floral balls or even small baskets filled with flowers.

If you are going to use an aisle runner, why not go an extra step and personalize it with your initials or a saying that holds special meaning to you and your fiance.

One thing to be mindful of is that your venue might have some restrictions on what they do and don’t allow to be used in their space so it is always wise to check with them before you start planning your decorations.

Bridal Bouquets

Brides began carrying bouquets because they were thought to ward off evil spirits and protect the bride and groom. These days, they are more of a decorative way for a bride to express herself and are supposed to be an indication of who will get married next, depending on who catches the bouquet after it is tossed at the reception. Not everyone likes flowers though and there some wonderful alternatives that can express your personality and add a personal touch to your wedding. There are many ways to personalize your bouquet with pieces that are given to you by people who are important in your life.

Brooch bouquets are one example. If all of your bridesmaids and family give (or let you borrow) a brooch and you combine them to make a bouquet, when you look at it, you will think of each of them individually, depending on the piece you are seeing.

Buttons work the same way. You can stack smaller buttons onto larger ones that are gathered from people (or items) that have importance to you and create a beautiful and economical bouquet that is reflective of your personality and that you can keep forever. 

Origami or paper flowers can be a fun way for you to bond with your bridesmaids and make your bouquet at the same time. You can make flowers of all sorts of shapes and sizes and it’s another memento that you can keep forever.