Year’s End Means New Trends

Each year brings new styles, colors and innovative ideas for brides. While exciting and fun, they can make decisions even more complicated. What you wear reflects your personality but is often what ties aspects such as the venue, time of day, formality etc. together. Just a few exciting trends for your gown follow:

Florals: Every wedding has flowers, from centerpieces to bouquets and boutonnieres but now are appearing in various ways on dresses. Whether an actual floral print, used subtly as lace texture or three-dimensional embellishment, they are edgy and unique. If bold enough, your dress could speak for itself and skip the bouquet.

Less Length: Most dresses must be lifted while walking and you don’t want a gown covered in grass or dirt, nor one you might trip over. Showing a little leg is a great solution. They are easier to maneuver and dance in, let you show off an amazing pair of shoes and come in countless silhouettes, so they aren’t just for casual affairs.

Puffy Sleeves: While seemingly a bad throwback to the 80’s, volume is be being done in very tasteful ways. Some gowns are off-the-shoulder with the poof from the elbow down. Others are short and just at the top. If you have commitment phobia to the idea, they can be eased by being detachable for the reception or wearing a fitted gown and minimal accessories.

Ruffles: Light, airy ruffles add a romantic feeling to any gown but need not engulf you from head to toe. Add some frill to the top of a fitted bottom or opt for a corseted bodice with a cascading, dimensional skirt. They are a fun, flirty (and lightweight) way to embellish your dress and show off your whimsical side.

Whatever dress you select will surely be the perfect one for you. There are ways to subtly incorporate the ideas mentioned above. That way, you can be on trend and stand out but not worry about looking back at your wedding photos years from now and wonder “What was I thinking?”