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Planning a wedding is an overwhelming task but also something you will want to recall every moment of in the future. Keeping those times in your mind often isn’t easy as they will fade and most likely disappear at some point. Many brides don’t realize that notebooks, journals or diaries are wonderful ways to preserve every facet and later look back upon. Each one contains different information, is done in a distinctive way and is unique solely to you.

One option is very simple in the sense of just scrawling your thoughts and feelings as you go through the planning process. You don’t have to be specific but can plainly write a sentence or two about what you are thinking or feeling on any given day whether something particular or solely excitement, a recollection of your relationship, the moment of your proposal and so on.

Another idea is photographing each step from selecting flowers, shopping for a gown, finding your venue etc. and writing a few words on the back of every one. This way, you can make a fun and interesting collage of the months that went into your big day and the people who shared those moments with you not only on that day but on each one leading up to it.

Additionally, everyone close to you who has seen the growth and development of your relationship could compose a note addressed to the two of you that could be put together in a logbook or folder. In that case, the memories would reflect things that perhaps you didn’t know or hadn’t seen.

Whether you opt for an uncomplicated and handwritten diary of random moments, a plethora of photos separated in a binder, a combination of the two or special notes, you will have something personal and timeless to look back on for countless years to come and is definitely worth spending time investing time in doing.