Weddings often are based on coordinating elements to create a seemingly flawless occasion. However, your venue doesn’t dictate your dress style, your guest list doesn’t mandate the size of your location and individuality creates a more memorable experience. Your ceremony appearance is likely the most important of your life, is an intimate choice and should represent your personality.

Vintage gowns, for example, are not only beautiful and distinctive but can be fitting for any location. Often the word is associated with used or old but, in actuality, is more representative of a style in terms of fabric and design. Neither usage is negative and both have qualities that are special and relevant.

If you choose one of the most common associations with the word, you could reconfigure a dress worn by a relative (typically your mom) in a modern way creating a special and treasured meaning while being easy on the budget and combining parts of the two of you.

Another option, while a tad bit pricier and requiring more thought is one from another era that has been preserved and can be found at a specialized store. If you go down this road, it’s imperative to keep in mind that sizes are different, stains that have been present for countless years are probably not removable and alterations to modernize them can be quite difficult as the fabric may not stand the test of time.

Gorgeous vintage gowns exist that don’t cost ridiculous amounts of money but are new and uniquely yours. Whether made of lace/fabrics that aren’t satin, long-sleeved, have high necklines, aren’t stark white or what is typically seen these days, not only are elegant but impressive. If you choose an original one but want to add a smidgen of embellishment, a colorful ribbon or crystal belt is a fabulous way to do so.

Nothing is set in stone and surely not when involving the time you should feel most beautiful. Whether you select something modern, evocative of the past or a combination of the two, what makes you feel gorgeous and expresses who you are is what matters the most.