Perfect Timing

When planning your wedding, every detail from which dress is most befitting to the napkin holders often take inordinate amounts of time and effort. What you may not realize is there are aspects that may seem absolute and don’t need consideration but, in actuality should be given some thought. One of those is the time of day to hold your ceremony as, while you may assume it will be held in the evening, there are advantages to celebrating your day either in the morning or afternoon.

To have a morning wedding doesn’t mean that you have to be an early riser and certainly that your guests need to wake up before the sun comes out. Most likely, you will have to get up earlier than you’re accustomed to but, as it is one of most important days of your life, it should be an exception that you’re willing to make.

One of the positives is that most vendors are willing to give discounts as they can then book another wedding later in the day, allowing them to increase their income. Morning weddings can be more casual than those in the evening as it’s appropriate to wear a shorter/less formal dress and for your fiancé to be in slacks and a blazer or sport coat rather than a suit or tuxedo. Having a sunrise ceremony also allows for brunch instead of a several course meal, alcohol, music etc. which significantly decreases your costs. Nothing compares to natural lighting despite how talented a photographer may be with Photoshop or any other enhancement program. Additionally, the weather typically more enjoyable earlier in the day and the morning provides an opportunity to take your photos either before or after your nuptials.

If you choose to have an afternoon ceremony, many of the advantages are the same although there are a few variations to keep in mind. You may not be offered any discount as vendors likely won’t have the option of scheduling another booking for the same day. Additionally, while you can serve a less elaborate meal than one in the evening, it should be a more extensive than the simple options for a morning fete. If the festivities end relatively early (especially if on a Sunday or during the week), your invitees have enough time to get home and prepare for the day ahead. As well, the first night as husband and wife is one of the most important but, often, when couples are awake until the wee hours of the morning, once everything finally ends, you simply fall asleep and miss out on the special moments.

No matter what time of day you choose to join your lives together, whether morning, afternoon or evening, your ceremony can be as casual or as formal as you want it to be. That decision is just as every other for your special day – YOURS. Those in attendance will enjoy and approve out of respect and their feelings for you so go with what feels right and not out of obligation to opt for what seems to be the norm.