Flower Girl(y) Things


Typically, when you imagine the role of your flower girl, you plan on her walking down the aisle dropping rose petals which is often what happens. Some venues that don’t allow real flowers but there are many interesting and creative ways in which she can participate without using them.

She could help carry your train (if you have one) as you walk down the aisle, take part in placing it at the altar and insuring that it looks perfect. It is one sweet and meaningful alternative but most likely, there would need to be some practice prior, especially depending on her age.

A very personal way to both include her as well as share a piece of your life with your guests is to have her, instead of flowers, carry something to the two of you that is especially meaningful such as a photo of you on your first date, a special card or letter from the past or one you have written just for the day of. Whether or not you actually share it during the ceremony or at the reception, it would make your wedding even more romantic and special.

If you are insistent on flowers, a basket can be filled with a variety of flowers rather than petals.  There are many beautiful basket designs that will match the style and/or theme of your ceremony. An alternative to that is a pomander made out of a single type of flower or in a variety to match your bouquet.

Yet one other idea is to have an individualized sign made that can be carried down the aisle displaying anything from the date you met or got engaged, the name you will be taking on as a wife, a sentimental message or anything else.

No matter whether you choose to go the traditional route or opt for something different, it is important that she feels special and included as it an honor for anyone to be asked to participate on your special day and even more so to a child.