The majority of what will be remembered from your wedding day are captured in memories and photos. However, with all of the time, effort and energy you put in to choosing your dress, it is important to preserve it as well, whether it would just be a fun thing to look at occasionally as a reminder or if you plan to pass it on to your child or someone else. There are many ways to go about doing so but, unless you just want to put it in a bag (which is not recommended), it can be a very complicated and pricy process.

Dresses often end up with marks and stains on them simply from wearing them throughout the day, whether from spills, dirt, sweat or anything else. If your budget is spent, it is safe to keep your gown in a bag for a short period of time but it is not advisable to do so forever as if you do so for too long, the stains and dirt will set in and possibly become impossible to remove.

While you may have a wonderful dry cleaner that you have used for years, their services in this regard may not be sufficient. It is important to inquire as to how many gowns they have handled/preserved as it may be a situation they’ve never handled and are not familiar with. You need to ask which cleaners they use to remove anything soiled as some are too abrasive and will just cause more damage. As well, you need to ask them how they deal with each gown as one that it simple needs different attention than one with lace beading etc.

Be patient as, due to it being so important, it may take weeks to be returned to you. However, upon receipt, it should be inside of an acid-free container so it hasn’t yellowed or incurred additional damage during transport. When it is home, don’t let it remain in the packaging, keep it out of closed areas or anywhere that moisture or heat is prevalent.

Although it may be an unexpected cost or something you failed to consider, your wedding dress will be one of the few tangible things you can look back on and will bring back countless wonderful memories. It is also the most important garment you will probably ever wear so taking time to do some research finding someone with whom you can trust is well worth the effort.