Can You Ador(n) me?

Every bride wants to feel as beautiful and put together as possible as they walk down the aisle. You want your hair to be perfect, gown to be gorgeous, makeup to be flawless etc. One aspect that is often exciting but possibly stressful is selecting the right jewelry as several things factor in to your decision. For some, it is a no-brainer and for others it is one of the most difficult facets of the entire planning process.

Jewelry should complement your gown without overshadowing it. Sometimes, less is more and, while there may be countless pieces you would love to wear, they can easily become a distraction from what is most important. Overly ornate items, for example, can distract all eyes from being on you, especially if your dress is classic and simple.

It goes without saying that if you have items with special meaning or are gifts, it makes no difference whether they are in accordance with the decor, ambiance, match your dress or anything else. After all, your wedding is all about the things and people who are most enjoyable and important to you. However, you need to make sure they are clean and looking as beautiful as their meaning is.

If you don’t have anything of particular importance, a good idea is to select items that match your dress and are fitting with the venue. Say that if your dress is beaded, tiered, elaborate etc., minimalistic adornments are the best idea. If you have a plunging neckline or a strapless gown, it is appropriate to select something more glittery and showy as, otherwise, it is easy to appear as there is a lot of empty space.

Most people believe that, on your wedding day, every element must be either white or in a very near shade. However, your adornments don’t have to be diamonds and are not restricted to any color palette at all. If you want to wear ruby earrings or a sapphire necklace, for example, it is perfectly acceptable to do so even if there is no sentimental or particular value behind them.

You selected your gown for a reason and would never want anything to detract from either the reason you chose it or how you look wearing it. Jewelry is meant to be an accent and not a diversion. After all, what you want everyone to focus on is the love between your fiancé and yourself, the vows you recite and the fact that you are joining yourself together for the rest of your lives.