I’ll Shoe You

While many of the decisions that must be made for your wedding day seem monotonous and perhaps meaningless, one that can be fun and show an interesting side of you that some of your guests may not know are with your shoes. There are many ways to go about choosing which ones you will wear and the meaning behind them but they are, again, something that most people don’t even give much consideration to so here are some thoughts to contemplate…

First and foremost, you need to wear a pair that are comfortable as, unless you change them for the reception, they will be on your feet (as will you) for hours. If you always wear flip-flops and never heels, for example, you need to give pause to how high of a heel, how much of a strap etc. you can tolerate. Spend some time in them prior to your ceremony, whether it be just walking around or dancing so you can break them in and get accustomed to them.

If you plan to wear “traditional” wedding shoes as opposed to cowboy boots, something in a bright color or anything else that showcases your personality, do not select them until you’ve chosen your dress. Dresses come in all shades of white and, while your shoes can be dyed to match your dress, it is much more impractical and expensive (if not impossible) to dye your dress to match your shoes.

Additionally, think about the length of your gown and your venue. If your dress is long enough, your footwear will most likely not even show and you could easily get away with wearing flats or something both more comfortable and practical. If the floor as you walk up and then back down the aisle is carpeted, wooden or if you choose to have a runner, that comes into play as well due to the impact it will have on how easily you can walk (as you certainly wouldn’t want to slip or fall down).

It is prudent to take your shoes to your dress fitting so, if necessary, your gown can be adjusted in accordance with the style you have chosen. If you are intent on wearing flip-flops, for example, your gown may need to be lengthened and if you want to wear “statement” shoes, it may need to be made shorter.

A really fun and special thing to do is to personalize your shoes no matter the style you select or whether they will even be seen or not. Every type can be monogrammed on the side, have something written on the bottom or in countless other ways. While certainly not the most pressing thing when it comes to decisions for your wedding, your feet should definitely be taken into consideration and what is on your feet can be a very fun thing to explore your options in reference to.