Shower Me with Love

Bridal showers are a fun and intimate way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with your friends and family. Of all the things that must be considered when planning your wedding, thankfully it is one item on the list that you typically don’t have to take care. However, because (most often) it won’t completely catch you off guard, there are details to keep in mind.

The event is not the responsibility of your mother, mother-in-law or any of your relatives to coordinate. It is the duty of your maid of honor and/or bridesmaids to put together, including the guest list and invites, location, cost etc. It is important to have some conversations so as to help ease in the planning process and avoid any snafus. However, for the most part, the details of the celebration should be something you are surprised by.

Showers are usually reserved for those most meaningful to you and certainly not for every female you have asked to share in your actual day. It is imperative that the hostess is aware of who has been invited to your ceremony as it is never appropriate to ask someone to attend the shower who is not on your guest list. After all, much of the conversation will involve your wedding and reception which would be very hurtful and unacceptable to include someone in who wasn’t important enough to extend an invitation to.

Timing is important as there is an appropriate window in which your shower should be held that is between two months and two weeks away from the ceremony. As you day approaches, things will get more hectic and seemingly overwhelming so, while it will be a nice break from it all, it shouldn’t be something that becomes inconvenient or that you dread. Additionally, it goes without saying that the date and time should be ones that are available for all invitees as well as in a convenient location.

While typically everyone at your shower will come bearing gifts, don’t expect them to be grand or over-the-top as they will (and should) be much less significant than your actual wedding gifts. It is appropriate for the host to include your registry in the invitations but you also should expect that some may not give you anything at that time. Everything you do receive, no matter how large or small, should be appreciated, treated equally and thanked for.

Bridal showers are meant to be fun, to add an extra amount of excitement as well as a way to relax and just cherish your engagement. There should be no expectations and solely appreciation that people love and care about you enough to plan, organize and absorb the costs of doing something special and celebratory for you.