When is the Right Time?

Choosing a wedding date can often be a simple task as you may select the anniversary of when you were proposed to or the same day that you had your first date with your future husband. However, it can easily and quickly get complicated as there are several factors to consider that may not initially cross your mind.

Photos:  Many brides who opt for a day other than an important anniversary, make their decision based on a particular season or time of year. Depending on how important it is to you that your pictures look a certain way, it is imperative to remember that, for example, in late autumn or winter, the grass will not be green, flowers will not be blooming and chances are that the ground will be covered with leaves. Unless you get married on a tropical island where it is always sunny and everything in nature is constantly thriving, there is no way to avoid those things.

Colors:  Typically, certain colors are associated with each time of year. Shades of pink or yellow are not typically worn in the later months just as a dark auburn, for example, is not usually chosen for the middle of summer. There are many colors such as jewel tones that are appropriate regardless of the date you select and, of course, you should select whatever makes you happy but it is something to definitely consider.

Venue:  Brides choose their venue for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to hold your ceremony in the church you grew up in and you pick a day that the venue is available. Maybe your budget is at the forefront and you need to find a location that is within your constraints. Possibly, a place that fits your style and is a reflection of who you are is the most important.

Guests:  Inevitably, there are going to be people who have prior obligations and are unable to attend your wedding despite how much they may wish that were not the case. Those who are most important to you (such as the ones you want in your wedding party) are the ones whose schedules and availability should be taken into consideration as you don’t want to choose someone less important simply because the one you would prefer is busy on the date you decide on.

Whatever day you choose, everything will turn out perfectly. However, it is important to give some thought as to the reason(s) behind that choice and consider what is most important to you when you will look back years later and remember one of the most important moments in your life.