Idea(lly), This Would be Easy

Every wedding should be personal and individualized and should never be based solely on what is popular in the moment surrounding the time you have set your date for. However, sometimes, looking at trends will give you a place to start the overwhelming process of your journey and help you to figure out what you do and don’t like. Many brides go shopping for dresses, decorations, locations, flowers etc. without having a clue as to what they are interested in which just magnifies and multiplies an already difficult and time-consuming process. Certainly, you should never choose anything because it is trendy or what other brides will be doing but here are some things (just for ideas) that are popular for 2014.

Colors that have not necessarily been popular or even often considered are ones you should give some thought to. For example, gray, which is something that most people consider to be drab and boring, can be done in a beautiful and elegant way, especially in combination with another color. Shades of neutral colors are also something new and innovative and can easily be accented by muted greens, browns, blues etc. While jewel tones have always been popular, another thought is navy as it is a richer and darker tone that may be effortlessly brightened by yellow, another shade of blue or even white.

Many times, brides feel as if the more skin they show, the more beautiful they will look but that is not necessarily always the case. Often times, subtlety is more stunning and attractive and can easily be done without feeling as if you are completely covered up. Cap sleeves will be popular and can be done in transparent, jeweled ways so it is a combination of showing skin and covering up at the same time. The same effect can be achieved with long sleeves or even a high neckline. Also, as the saying goes, “Everything old is new again” and vintage is making a comeback. Dresses with lace, beading and differing shades of white give an old feel in a new and beautiful way.

As for your wedding party, different is the new matching. Consider putting each girl in a different color and/or style of dress as that multiplies both the fun and individuality factors. Short dresses are in style too, as it isn’t and never has been required that your bridesmaids wear floor-length gowns. Dresses with one shoulder, a bow or a small amount of embellishment are popular as they make the gown feel more glamorous and special than something plain.

Wedding planning should be fun and making all of the necessary decisions should express your personality and creativity rather than being details that bog you down and cause you stress. With every passing year, ceremonies become more fun and inventive and less expected to be traditional and follow the guidelines of past generations. Take advantage of that and enjoy doing what it is that feels right for you. Ideas and trends are only meant to give you a starting point and certainly not to dictate how your wedding should be.