I Question You…

On your wedding day, you are inviting people to have a glimpse into the window of your life, particularly if you and your fiancé write your own vows, but even if you don’t, most ceremonies include some insight as to what you led the two of you to the altar. However, there is a difference in letting someone look through a window and becoming an open book. There is no need for you to feel obligated to disclose anything someone asks of you (you may be surprised by what they do) and you should feel free to decline whatever you choose to do so in a polite manner.

There may be someone who was expected to be either at your wedding or in the bridal party and is absent for any number of reasons. Perhaps they had another obligation on the same day, got sick or maybe you chose not to invite or include them. If you are asked about someone’s absence, you don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why.

Many people will ask a bride the price of their dress or even the entire wedding. Not only is that inappropriate but is not something that anyone needs to know unless you feel comfortable divulging those things. Most of the time, it is out of innocence and/or sheer curiosity but it is often something that, whether the amount is high or low will quickly lead to judgment.

Others may think that some of the choices for your special day are similar to the ones they made and question you as to whether you got your ideas from their wedding. That too is not anyone’s business other than yours whether you didn’t or even if you did. After all, no one can say that you hadn’t already made your decisions prior to attending another ceremony.

You are never obligated to respond simply because someone has seen a tiny portion of your life and then feels as if anything goes. It is important that you prepare yourself for what may be tacky and certainly unexpected inquiries so they don’t ruin your day. After all, it is YOUR day and, maybe down the line, you would feel comfortable disclosing other information but one of the most special days in your life has nothing to do with anyone or anything other than you and your future husband.