It Themes to Me

A wedding day is an overwhelming task to plan and takes an immense amount of time and consideration, but no matter how you look at it, the majority of weddings have some sort of theme. Some are subtle enough that they may be missed (even by you), some noticeable and others over the top, but typically, a theme is what ties everything together. Some brides associate the phrase “theme wedding” with something tacky that they would never have while others choose one either to celebrate something important to them or simply make the planning and shopping more streamlined and easier to stay focused on. Consider the following…

If you choose a color for your bridesmaids’ dresses, the same is used for the groomsmen’s handkerchiefs or ties and is additionally incorporated in the chair decorations, floral arrangements etc. at the reception, some may call that a “scheme” but it is a theme as well. That is the type of theme that even you may not notice until you look back at your photos and think “Goodness. Everything about our wedding was (fill in the blank)”.

Perhaps there is something, whether a day, place or thing that is very special to both of you that you would like to focus on. For example, let’s say that you met your future husband in Hawaii randomly when on a family vacation and the two of you returned and it was where you were proposed to. Of course, that would be very meaningful to both of you and something you might want to showcase. You could emboss an illustration of the islands on your invitations and/or thank you notes, choose tropical flowers such as Plumeria and yellow Hibiscus which are very representative of Hawaii for your bouquets or make your cake topper a couple dressed in board shorts and a grass skirt.

If you wanted to take things a step further, you could choose leis for your bridesmaids instead of traditional bouquets or have them handed out to your guests as they enter the ceremony site. By no means, however, do you need to have hula dancers at your reception, outfit your wedding party in grass skirts or roast a pig at your reception.

Without a doubt, those who you invite to your wedding will recognize the meaning behind the small nuances and those who don’t (i.e. the guests of your guests) will easily understand when getting an explanation from who it is they came with. It is not necessary to go overboard and make your special day over-the-top to the point that it takes away from the meaning and reasoning behind your marriage. After all, you still want it to feel like a day in which you are committing your lives to one another and too much can easily be a distraction and take away from that.