That has a Ring to it

When you are proposed to, of course, the shock of it all is overwhelming and in the first few moments, you probably don’t even notice the look of your ring other than to be shocked that you now have a ring to wear on that finger forever. However, as you stare at it for the first few hours or days, thoughts may come into your mind that it’s not the ring you would’ve chosen for yourself, whether it is smaller than the ones your recently married friends have received or is a gem other than a diamond. Many brides feel as if the cost or size of their ring is something to brag about or an indication of how much they are loved. Women look at other’s rings and think of how nice they are or how much they must have cost but, in reality, the ring has the exact same meaning whether it cost $400 or $4 million.

Perhaps, times are tough for your fiancé but he couldn’t wait to make you his wife so he bought the best ring he could afford at the time. Remember that you can always upgrade at a later time if it means that much to you but, to me, that would be the best one. You would be surprised at how many gorgeous and intricate rings there are that are solely bands without any type of gem at all. In fact, you could wear a simple white gold band for which your fiancé saved every penny for months in order to get while your next door neighbor may wear a 20 karat rock with a band covered in diamonds that was simply thrown on her finger for show. Perhaps, your fiancé is a millionaire and would still choose the same band for a personal reason or because he believes it to be more your style. Intent and feelings, not money, in this circumstance, are what matter and are important.

On the other hand (no pun intended), he may choose something with a gemstone, with or without accompanying diamonds. Maybe it is an aquamarine in representation of your birthstone or an emerald because it reminds him of your green eyes. Perhaps, he has always thought rubies were the most beautiful gem or wanted to hand down his grandmother’s ring which was an amethyst. In those instances, the ring should have extra significance to you because it wasn’t just chosen by him walking in to a store and simply pointing at something but was selected after a great deal of thought and consideration. In fact, (not that a wedding ring should ever be based on a trend), rings with gemstones have become quite popular in the not too distant past. Think of Kate Middleton’s sapphire ring, for example. A ring that isn’t based around diamonds definitely stands out in a crowd for both its beauty and uniqueness.

It can be guaranteed that there’s some sort of reason your ring was chosen for you, even if it was solely lack of money and not being able to wait. Whatever it looks like, the meaning behind it should make it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. It shouldn’t be something you feel as if you have to explain to others.  It should solely be something that you look down, see and feel absolutely elated about. The roundness of your ring symbolizes a love that is never-ending and is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, as that is the only one with a vein directly to the heart. That does not change regardless of how it looks or how much it costs.