Lest You Forget…

Without fail, every couple has people they would like to have at their wedding who cannot be present physically for a variety of reasons. Some are not in attendance due to budget constraints or prior commitments etc., but whatever the reason, they by no means are less important to either the bride or groom. Additionally, they are certainly sharing the occasion mentally and/or spiritually. Here are some creative and different ways to include absent friends and family in your ceremony.

Depending on whose friend or family member is absent, it is simple to take a swatch of clothing from one of their garments and stitch it inside either your wedding gown or your fiance’s suit or tuxedo. Not only is it a very personal way for either of you to feel close to that individual but it is something that can be removed and act as a keepsake of your wedding day.

Another unique way to keep someone close who is physically distant nearby is through a locket. You can take a photograph and enclose it in a small locket which can be attached to your bouquet, either to the ribbon or on the flower stems. This is another private reminder that will only be known to those you choose to share it with. If the person is someone who is of importance to your future spouse, the small picture can easily be incorporated into a pair of cuff links. Both of these, much like the swatch of fabric, can serve as keepsakes for you.

Some couples would rather their guests be aware of those who are absent, yet in a subtle way. A perfect way to accomplish this is by including each name and a small, general explanation as to why they are listed at the bottom of the wedding program. If you prefer, you and your fiance can write a few words about each individual in reference to their importance.

Flowers are yet another simple method and can be done in a variety of ways. On one end of the spectrum, you can plan all of your floral arrangements around the favorite flower of the special person/people. A less extreme way is to include a single flower in your bouquet or have it act as your future husband’s boutonniere. If you are not aware of that person’s preference or are looking for something clever and unique, include a single Forget-Me-Not in your arrangement or as the flower your fiance wears.

Although there are countless reasons people may not be at your wedding ceremony, as you can see, there are many ways (of which these are just a few) to honor those individuals and show that you remember them. However, by far the best way is simply knowing that they are occupying a special place in your heart.