I Do but Do I Updo?

Your wedding day is one of few days in your life where the focus is solely on you (and your fiance, of course). Every bride wants to look and feel her best and there are many components that go in to making that happen. Among those is how she chooses to do her hair, so here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect style.

A hairstyle is one way for a bride to display a bit of your personality, especially to guests who are accustomed to only seeing her one way (such as co-workers) or those who may not know your so well. However, it is important not to venture so far from how you typically wear your hair that you are unrecognizable. You also don’t want to opt for something that feels uncomfortable based on its popularity or the advice of friends, family or your stylist.

The formality of both the dress and the venue should be taken into consideration as well. If you are wearing a ball gown or getting married in a large, formal church, an updo may be the most appropriate option for you. On the other hand, if your dress is casual or the setting is a small chapel or somewhere outdoors, a hairstyle that is at least partially down is probably a better idea. However, having your heart set on a fancy updo or other particular style may influence your ceremony venue.

The shape of your face is often another contributing factor to which hairdo you choose since some work better than others for different face shapes. You may already know what is best for you, but if not, it is something that a hairstylist can definitely assist you with. Try several styles and make more than one appointment with him/her to ensure that you are making the perfect choice. Additionally, describe the ceremony and venue to your stylist if you are in need of ideas, but do not, by any means, let him/her (or anyone else) let someone influence you into wearing your hair any way other than the way that makes you feel more beautiful.

One more thing to take into consideration is longevity and whether your style will look the same during the ceremony, photos and reception, or if it will fall apart midway. After all, no bride wants to look absolutely stunning during the ceremony and as if she has just woken up for her photos and/or reception.