Caring Isn’t Always Sharing

When you get engaged, you want to let everyone you have ever met or been in contact with know and you also want to invite them to your big day. However, you need to keep in mind that each person you invite comes with a price and consider what is reasonable and affordable for you and your fiance.

The venue you have chosen may only accommodate a certain number of people comfortably. That doesn’t mean that because they can hold 150 people, for example, you have to invite that many.

Obviously, there are people who you can’t imagine getting married without and those people should not be an issue. However, remember that your fiance has a similar list of people as well.

You need to decide whether or not to allow people to bring a guest or whether the invitation is for the individual alone. Traditionally, if someone is married or in a long-term relationship, both should be invited even if you don’t know one of the parties very well. However, it is not required that you allow every guest to invite someone as a date and you can kindly make it clear on your invitations.

Decide whether or not children are going to be a part of your wedding. These days, it is perfectly acceptable to have a child-free wedding. Not only does it cut down on costs but it allows parents a day or evening date, which they probably don’t get very often.

Keep in mind that your parents are going to have a list of people they want to invite as well. While it is your wedding day, chances are that your parents are helping you with it financially and they are proud of you and have certain people that they want to include that don’t necessarily mean the world to you.

Finally, just because you talk to someone about your wedding doesn’t mean they deserve an invitation. Maybe you discuss it with your co-workers, the person at the convenience store or the one who grooms your dog. It’s completely acceptable to talk about your wedding to people without extending an invitation.

Wanting to share your wedding day with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and everyone you’ve ever met is understandable. However, you also want the people you include to feel special and as if they were extended the invitation because they truly mean something to you.