It’s a Family Affair

When you get engaged, you are filled with excitement and elation. However, most brides don’t realize the extent of planning that is involved with making their dream come true. While nothing is set in stone, traditionally speaking, there are some guidelines in reference to who pays for what.

For the most part, the costs associated with a wedding and reception fall upon the bride and her family, although the groom is in charge of financing the marriage license, rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon. Be mindful of how much you can or will contribute and what the financial impact upon your family will be when making decisions. A beautiful wedding can be achieved at any cost and what is important and memorable at the end of the day is the time spent together and the union of you and your fiance. It is not the decorations or how much everything cost.

The bride and her family are typically responsible for the venue and that is a great reason to have a small church and invite only those closest to you. It also allows you to spend more quality time with everyone in attendance.

The bride is also responsible for the cost of her gown but the maid of honor and bridesmaids are responsible for the cost of their dresses. Similarly, the best man and groomsmen are expected to foot the bill for their tuxedos or suits. However, the gentlemen are lucky because most of the time, their outfits can be rented for a relatively small fee. Those are good things to keep that in mind when choosing what you want them to wear.

According to tradition, it’s no surprise that the groom is responsible for the cost of both the bride’s engagement and wedding rings and the bride purchases the ring for the groom. If you and your future husband choose to exchange gifts, each is responsible for the cost of the other’s present as well.

Unless it is a gift from either your parents or your future in-laws, the groom additionally takes care of the costs associated with the honeymoon to celebrate your nuptials and new life together.