Let It Rain

Everyone is excited to get married and wants to celebrate the occasion. That’s what bridal showers are for. Finally, something you don’t have to be in charge of or plan! Here are some of the basics in reference to the shower and what to expect.

Typically, the bridal shower is thrown by the maid of honor or the mother of the bride. As far as etiquette is concerned, whoever throws the shower is responsible for the costs. It is appropriate to ask bridesmaids to contribute, but the bride should not have to worry about any of the financial responsibility.

As far as guests are concerned, it is not appropriate to invite anyone who is not invited to the wedding. Everyone in the bridal party as well as close friends and family members of the bride should be included. It is a day to celebrate and anyone who means a lot to the bride should be included. Some brides choose to include their fiance in their shower and have a couple shower. That is perfectly appropriate as well.

Bridal showers can take place at any time but typically occur a few months before the wedding. They are the time when the people who are most important to you share stories about you and your relationship, both with your fiance and with them.

The bridal shower is a time to honor  you. Let loose and enjoy the day with those that mean the most to you.