A Day to Remember

Having everything go just perfectly at your wedding is very important and many brides find themselves stressing over every minor detail. Before anyone can appreciate all of your hard work, they have to get to the church and fun and unique save-the-dates are great way to catch your guests attention and help them remember the pertinent information.

Go with your fiance to a photo booth and capture some fun and silly pictures of the two of you holding up cards showing the date, time and location. Not only will it provide the necessary information it will surely bring a smile to the faces of everyone you invite.

Use seed packets of a flower that is either special to you or that ties into your ceremony in some way. You can attach them to cardstock with the information. That way, not only will your guests have a card containing the details but they will be reminded every time they look at the beautiful blooming flowers in their yard.

Personalize stickers so that all your guests have to do is peel them off and put them on their calendars. In fact, many office supply stores have kits so it would be a great DIY project that is both unique and easy on the budget.

Make your save-the dates into a jigsaw or crossword puzzle. People are more likely to remember things when they require interaction and thought, not to mention it is a fun and different way to invite your friends and family to your special day.

If there is something you and your fiance are really into, try to incorporate that in some way.  If you both love movies or music for example, fashion the cards so they resemble either movie or concert tickets. You might be surprised at just how realistic they turn out. If you are very tech saavy, you might consider putting your save-the-dates on old computer disks.

Save-the-dates are important reminders for your guests and are also a creative way for you to showcase your personality and have some fun with everyone you want to incorporate on your big day.