I Do but at What Cost?

When it comes time to plan a wedding, excitement sets in but even the most detail-oriented or budget conscious bride-to-be often doesn’t realize some of the hidden costs associated with her big day. Here are what some of those costs are and tips on how to avoid them.

Alterations to both the dress and tuxedos can be very expensive. When it comes to the groom and groomsmen, a lot of money can be saved by renting tuxedos from the same place and often times, if done so, the groom’s tuxedo will be free. As for your dress, ask beforehand how much alterations will cost and if they are outside your budget, take your gown to a less expensive seamstress to have the changes made.

When having your invitations designed, you most likely won’t be advised of the cost for postage because you would be more likely to choose less bulky (and cheaper) invitations. Keep in mind that the larger the envelope and the more it weighs, the more it is going to cost to mail and when you are sending out quite a few of them, the cost adds up very quickly.

Flowers are often another hidden cost when brides choose flowers that are either not in season or choose a plethora of different ones. A very easy way to cut costs is to either choose flowers that are in season or, if your heart is set on one that is not in season, choose a single flower and use more greens and fewer blooms.

Cakes are a great place to save money because they can be very pricy and most couples believe that their cake needs to be grandiose, over the top and somewhat of a showpiece. In reality, most wedding cakes just go to waste. A great money-saving idea is to get an elegant, small wedding cake and have sheet cakes on hand to serve the majority of the guests. Another thing to keep in mind is that natural flowers as cake decorations are much more economical than sugarpaste or fondant because they have to be handmade.

It’s important to plan ahead and keep in mind ways that you can cut corners and save money because it can make a HUGE difference in your budget at the end of the day. Your wedding can be just as beautiful and you can give your guests an equally amazing experience while being economically savvy at the same time.