The Perfect Fit

Buying a wedding dress is one of the most important purchases a woman will ever make. Growing up, every little girl dreams of what her dress will look like and, for most of us, it seems like it we will find the ideal dress and it will be a very easy decision. In actuality, shopping for the right gown requires a great deal of time, effort and consideration of a variety of factors.

There are countless styles and options for wedding dresses because no two women have the same taste or same body type. It is important to remember that, even though your heart may be set on a mermaid-style gown, it might not be the most flattering for your figure and you may end up absolutely falling in love with a ball gown. Perhaps you have always dreamed of wearing a strapless dress, but the perfect gown for you has cap sleeves. Keep your mind open and try things that may seem outside of your comfort zone. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Another thing to take into consideration when purchasing your wedding dress is your venue. The dress should match the location and the location should match the dress. If you find a dress with a huge, full skirt and can’t imagine wearing anything else, that’s wonderful but it’s probably not appropriate to then get married on the beach. Whether you choose the venue or the dress first is not important. What matters is that they go well together and that one does not take away from the other.

Always remember to factor in your personality and choose a gown that is reflective of who you are. Often, brides take several people with them when they go shopping for wedding dresses and it can be easy to get swayed by others opinions. Your opinion is the most important though because it is your special day. If you are a t-shirt and jeans type of girl who never dresses up, you might not want a dress with a lot of beading or embellishment. It’s important to get a dress that makes you feel beautiful but still makes you feel like yourself.