Guest Who


Guest books are great keepsakes to remind you of your wedding and give the people who come to your special day a chance to say a few words to you, whether memories about the two of you or words of wisdom or advice. They don’t have to be boring or typical though and can easily be another opportunity to showcase your personality and be turned into something that you won’t just stow away in a closet and quickly forget about.

Mail your guests pages with their invitations. That way, they can take their time to write something meaningful and unique and bring it with them to the ceremony. Once all of them have been gathered, you can compile them into a very special book.

Have someone stand at the entrance with an instant Polaroid camera and snap photos of everyone as they come inside. Then, your guests can each write something on their picture. Your guest book becomes a photo album with sentiments from everyone who is most important to you.

Provide squares of fabric for everyone to write on or sign with a fabric pen. Whether all one shade or mismatched prints, you can sew them together and have a one-of-a-kind quilt to either snuggle up with or hang on the wall as a reminder of how much you and your husband mean to those in your lives.

Get a Rolodex, whether a traditional one, or one filled with uniquely colored paper, and let each guest write their messages on the appropriate address card. Each time you go to contact them, you can read their individual message to you and it will surely bring a smile to your face.

Use a coffee table book or a book that has sentimental meaning to you and have your guests write on the pages of it. Then, when you flip through it, you can see the notes and it’s a great conversation piece.