What a Ceremony Site

Just as important as your venue is how you decorate it because the small details are what make the location uniquely yours. There are many unique ways to decorate your wedding site that will complement your color scheme and personalize your day. Here are just a few ideas….

Try putting potted plants or flowers in a shade of color that goes with the bridesmaids dresses at the end of the rows of seating.  It is not necessary to put one at the end of every row. You can easily place one at the end of every other one to save money and get the same effect.

Framed pictures are a great and fun way to personalize your day and show your guests the progression of your relationship. Start from the back and the beginning of your relationship and as your guests walk to their seats, it will be a special way to celebrate your wedding day with you.

Instead of using the traditional bows to adorn the ends of the rows, change things up a bit and hang miniature wreaths, floral balls or even small baskets filled with flowers.

If you are going to use an aisle runner, why not go an extra step and personalize it with your initials or a saying that holds special meaning to you and your fiance.

One thing to be mindful of is that your venue might have some restrictions on what they do and don’t allow to be used in their space so it is always wise to check with them before you start planning your decorations.