Save the Date

One of the most important things to consider once you are engaged is what day you will actually get married and, while the day is supposed to be all about you, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration before you settle on a date.

If there is a day that means a lot to you, such as the anniversary of the day you met or even a day that you just think will be easy to remember, that’s okay and it’s perfectly fine to go with that. However….

If you have your heart set on a venue, an officiant, a band, etc., their availability may have some influence on the day of your wedding. Keep in mind that Saturday is the most popular day to get married and June, August and September are the most popular months.

If there are people who you can’t imagine walking down the aisle without them being present, it’s a good idea to check their schedule before sending out the invitations. Although it is the most important day in your life, it’s possible that someone will have a conflict that existed before you got engaged (and you shouldn’t take it personally).

Think about your job and vacation time so that you and your fiance can escape for your honeymoon. You don’t want to get married if one or both of you can’t possibly get away to celebrate until 6 months later!

Holidays are a popular time to get married but, especially if you have a fair number of guests coming in from out of town, give it a second thought. Prices for plane tickets and hotel rooms are elevated and the hassles associated with traveling are higher than normal. Also, remember that your anniversary is a day that is special and unique to you and if you get married on a holiday, it will be shared with a celebration of something else as well.

However, ultimately, what matters the most is what your priorities are.