Weddings are based on age-old traditions, from the color of the dress to the way the ceremony is conducted, but sometimes rules were meant to be broken. Let’s face it. Not everyone is a “veil girl” and you can wear a traditional wedding gown and not hide your beautiful face underneath a classic veil. An alternative headpiece is a great way to showcase your personality and still add embellishment to your dress.

Every girl grows up dreaming of feeling like a princess on her wedding day and what better way to accomplish that than by wearing a tiara? It’s a great way to add some sparkle and shine and works whether your hair is worn up or down.

Jeweled hair combs are great for a more simplistic and minimalistic accessory simply because they are smaller in size. They can range from having a single jewel or be very ornate, depending on your preference and can often be personalized if you find pieces that like or that have a special meaning to you.

Flowers, either in the form of a wreath or a few effortlessly tucked behind your ear, are an elegant alternative to the traditional veil. An added bonus is the wonderful smell that all of your guests will get to enjoy as you walk past them down the aisle.

Hats may not be something that women typically associate with elegance or their wedding day but, with countless styles and ways to wear them, hats can sometimes be the perfect accessory for your wedding gown.

No matter who you are or what your taste, there are countless ways to express yourself on your wedding day and if you choose not to wear a veil, there are many ways to accentuate your dress that are not only beautiful but reflective of your personality (and fun at the same time)!