Let Them Eat Cake

Wedding cakes are not only something that most guests look forward to, but they are a way for couples to add a creative and personal (not to mention, delicious) touch to their special day. There are countless ways to modernize the traditional cake and turn it into something that is uniquely yours and representative of who you are as a couple. Here are just a few…

Have each layer of the cake made of a different flavor. If it is too hard to decide between lemon, chocolate or red velvet, why not have them all? That way, all of your guests can have a choice and maybe even a little bit of each.

Try a cupcake cake. Cupcakes are another great way to incorporate a variety of flavors and they can be arranged in the shape of a traditional cake.

Get a personalized cake topper. Whether it is your initials, a figurine of something you enjoy doing or a replica of the two of you, a personalized cake topper not only shares something important about you with your guests but is something you can keep as a memento from your special day.